Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Mattress


People often undermine the importance of their decision while purchasing a new mattress. Going over an impulsive purchase can leave you with a product that will lead into potential pain for several years. This is why it is vital to do all your homework before heading towards the mattress shop or buying it online. It requires a decent investment of time and effort.

This article is the perfect outline for the top ten mistakes that people commonly commits before purchasing the right mattress. Just knowing about them can prevent an individual to end up with a better model next time. Pay attention to all of them make a well-informed purchase and ensure that your overall satisfaction is on its peak:

  • Not knowing sleep type

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect mattress’. Each person has a different set of needs and demands. This is why your decision can vary from another’s. We all sleep differently. This makes it important to consider your individual sleeping style and go with the most common option in the market. Distinct weight differences require you to buy a different mattress depending upon the firmness and its comfort.

  • Not testing the mattress

In the retail world, people tend to buy mattress without testing just relying on the statements made by the salesman. Make sure you test the mattress for few minutes and test your sleeping style on it. This is essentially important to make sure nothing undesired happens once you leave the showroom.

  • Not learning about the mattress

There are some technicalities involved with mattresses. You need to learn about its type and style. Go through reviews and ratings, complaints and check how much the warranty it offers. Read the guide and choices from get best mattress. Consumers often seal the deal without getting any second opinion from others which is crucially important to make a well-informed decision. Check all the relevant details and get your hands on the best piece.

  • Not considering alternatives

Many shoppers have a fixed set of features in their mind and refuse to consider alternatives which can be a big mistake. If the salesman understands your needs and demands, he will surely offer you other alternatives. Look what the brands can offer and just do not jump for the cheapest offer. Ask questions and keep your mind open to different opinions. Do not rule out other products or brands that you didn’t consider before.

  • Impulsive decisions

It is very easy to go for a mattress that offers the cheapest price but have you even considered its long-term drawbacks? There is no need to make a rushed decision. Take notes about different aspects of your lifestyle and them purchase the right option. Never buy a new mattress on the same day when you started your research.

  • Making false assumptions

There is a high likeliness that more you pay for a mattress, better quality you acquire. But this is not a rigid rule. Some of the most expensive mattresses in the market tend to have the highest dissatisfaction rate. Stop making assumptions about the price and comfort. This again requires you to base your decision on the basis of different reviews and opinions and obviously your previous experience.

  • Not knowing who you are buying from

This is a very common mistake that individuals tend to make. There is a great competition in the market nowadays due to a proliferation of mattress retailers. Some retailers are not as reputable as others. There is a possibility of buying a bad mattress but buying from a bad retailer is another thing. Before spending your money at a retailer, get to know about it in detail. Know about what options it has to offer and go through the pros and cons.

  • Believing that foundation plays a sub-ordinate role

Most of the consumers focus on what goes into the mattress. It is absolutely necessary to look at the foundation as a valuable part of a full mattress set. It doesn’t matter if a mattress looks comfortable if a low-quality foundation is used. BTW, You may keep faith in MattressPicks; it’s a cool place indeed to assist you how to sort out the best one concerning it.

  • Thinking that supportive mattresses are unimportant

Obviously your sleep depends on how soft or hard the mattress is but it also depends on how comfortable your spine is aligned while you sleep on side. Sleeping on a supportive mattress is as important as other aspects. Unsupportive mattresses will leave you in aches and pains depriving you of the sleep your body needs to recover from the every-day stress.

  • Not taking care of your mattress

This is the final mistake every purchaser makes. It is important to buy mattress protectors which will keep it isolated from unwanted spills or fluids preventing it from unnecessary stains. Make sure your mattress is protected in all times.