Top 10 Themes For An Awesome Graduation Party


Graduation, whether it’s high school, college, or anything else, is a huge accomplishment and usually comes after years of hard work and sacrifice. So, of course, it needs to be celebrated! A successful graduation party recognizes accomplishment, encourages future growth and is a much-needed moment of relief after the stress and pandemonium of tests, projects, presentations, and evaluations. To help get your perfect party underway, we’ve put together a few of our favorite themes for a fantastic graduation party.


High School

BBQ/Pool Party

Graduations usually happen in the summer or the late spring, making them the perfect time for an outdoor BBQ or pool party. BBQ’s bring friends and family together in a fun, relaxing and celebratory social atmosphere where everyone is sure to have a good time. Outdoor graduation parties are incredibly flexible as well and stay manageable at almost any size, making them a great choice for both large parties and small gatherings.  

Future Focused

High school graduation is an exciting time and the turning point in your student’s life. Centering the party’s theme around your graduate’s future plans is a fun and encouraging way to celebrate their graduation while looking forward to what’s next. Whatever your graduate has in store, a future focused graduation party is a great stepping stone to help transition him or her into the next chapter of life.        

School Centered

While the rigors of school are probably the last thing your grad wants to think about right now, a fun school centered theme can make a great grad party. Whether your focus is on celebrating its end, looking forward to a few more years or even just general trivia and knowledge, a school focused party is always entertaining. Parties around education also give planners lots of leeway to include school colors, sports, mascots, and more.    

Then and Now

High school graduation marks the end of childhood and the first solid step into adulthood and independence. Then and now focused graduation parties highlight and celebrate the past while looking with excitement toward the future. These kinds of parties often include timelines illustrating past accomplishments, before and after photos and anything else that celebrates the successful and accomplished person your graduate has become.        

Senior Trip

For some graduates, the best way to celebrate is to forgo the traditional party and take a senior trip. Senior trips are the last hurrah before students head off to jobs, colleges, military service, and postgraduate responsibilities.  An exciting senior trip doesn’t have to take you halfway around the world either, it can be anywhere you want to go, as long as you are exploring, having fun and celebrating together.    


An Evening Out

Graduation parties out on the town can be as elaborate or simple as you need and are a good fit for smaller gatherings and more private celebrations. Whether that means enjoying a nice restaurant as a family, trying something you’ve always been interested in, or just catching a movie with a few friends, an evening out is completely catered to your recent graduate and is the perfect excuse to get out and do something fun.  

Forward Thinking

College graduation is a major turning point in a person’s life and the starting point for all kinds of new experiences and opportunities. Planning a party around his or her future plans is a great way to celebrate their past success while looking forward toward the excitement of the future. Whether that means a different state, another school, or a new job, every recent graduate is sure to have an exciting transition on the horizon.   

Major Specific

Kick off your graduate’s newfound excellence with a celebration centered around their major. Major focused graduation parties are different for every individual and give party planners a lot of freedom as they find interesting and creative ways to incorporate the theme. These parties are unique, personalized, and a fun way to highlight your graduate’s hard work.        

Pot Luck Party  

Potlucks are the epitome of the college experience, especially when you’re not sure exactly what you’ll end up with! A potluck graduation party is the perfect way to celebrate the end of your college years. And as a bonus, potlucks are easy to organize, allow everyone to contribute to the party and accommodating to any size. Traditional potlucks are completely random but feel free to delegate dishes as much or as little as you’d like.      

Rest and Relaxation

With finals, projects, ceremonies and all kinds of other last-minute details, graduating from college is stressful up until the very end. Treating your graduate to a relaxing spa party with friends and family might be just what he or she needs. Spa parties or otherwise relaxing celebrations can happen at an establishment or right at home. Either way, your graduate is sure to love a chance to unwind and enjoy a job well done.

We know what an accomplishment graduation is and help parents and graduates plan and organize successful celebrations. We hope these ideas help you plan the perfect graduation party!