Top 5 Beauty Pages on Instagram


Instagram is a hub for people who wish to publicize their skillset to a large community. Initially, it started off with pictures and videos of delicious food. In fact, food is still one of the reasons why people login to Instagram. In recent years, the focus has slightly shifted from food towards makeup artists and beauty bloggers. Fast forwarded videos of makeup transformations and tips and tricks for beauty products have made a special place for themselves in the hearts of the viewers and followers and people obsessively scroll through these posts for hours.

The kind of recognition you get through Instagram followers is not just great news for existing beauty bloggers and pages, but also for other people who think they have what it takes to become a beauty sensation through their fashion sense and skill in makeup.

If you are not a part of this latest fad of following beauty bloggers and the likes or even if you are, we here have compiled a list of the top five beauty pages on Instagram which you must follow. So let’s get started and you get clicking!


Are you one of those people who even with all the money and the coolest friends just cannot keep up with beauty trends? If so, cultbeauty is the page for you. They share the hottest fashion and beauty trends ranging from makeup looks to clothes and even accessories. Next time you want to splurge a little money on your looks, consult this page and we guarantee that you will end up looking absolutely stunning.


NARS is an extremely popular high end makeup brand which almost every woman has gone gaga over at some point. Follow their Instagram page at @narsissist to catch up with their latest product releases so you can get your hands on them before they are sold out. If you’re lucky, they might even hold a giveaway and even inform you about the sales and promotions on their products in different places.


Christine from @chrisspy is an ex Mac counter worker who gained fame by her addictive posts on beauty tips and similar advice. Her looks are all totally gorgeous and she is never far behind in catching up with trends. She is not only an internet sensation but currently she is working with brands like Urban Decay to provide you with only the best of the best.


Shayla Mitchell posts video tutorials on Instagram which tell you all you need to know about makeup on a day to day basis. With a following of over two million, she has won the hearts of many and she works with popular brands like Maybelline to give you all the advice you want.


Do you think the music sensation Rihanna has some of the most stunning looks you’ve seen on a celebrity? If so then you must know that Mylah Morales is the genius behind several of those looks. Do you really need another reason to follow her?