Top 5 Benefits of Living in the Mountains


Whether you’re moving for work or play, there are countless reasons why you might find yourself ready to move to the mountains of North Carolina. After all, there’s a reason why North Carolina is the third-most popular state to move to throughout the entirety of the United States. The beautiful mountains cupping the skyline is just one of the many alluring qualities of this historic state.

In fact, living in the mountains offers a slew of benefits that you may not have considered before. If you’ve ever wondered what mountain living is really like, here are some of the top five benefits of moving to the mountains of North Carolina.


Clean air and water

Living in the mountains means that you’ll reside at a higher elevation than the rest of the population. And with higher altitudes comes cleaner water and air.

Living at sea level means that you might have to deal with cars, gas, and other pollutants which could harm your health. By comparison, living in the mountains ensures that you get the cleanest air and some of the cleanest water around. Additionally, mountainous regions are known for their trees and forests, which help certain respiratory issues and can even mitigate allergy symptoms in some people. So, take a deep breath —you are inhaling some of the cleanest air the state has to offer.

Countless activities

When you live in the mountains, you’ll have a hard time staying inside all day. This is because being surrounded by gorgeous wildlife, clean air, and the best hiking trails around can encourage anyone to take a stroll through the woods. This location of idyllic beauty serves as a natural paradise, whether you’re vacationing there or moving to the mountains permanently. Here are just some of the activities you can look forward to when you’re ready to move to the mountains:


With less light pollution, mountain homes witness some of the most dazzling star shows on the east coast.


Strap on a pair of hiking boots and traverse some of the best hiking trails around. There are plenty of options for the beginner hiker or the experienced professional to choose from.

Bird Watching

This may seem like an activity for the elderly, but living in the mountains offers a unique wildlife experience. When you want to learn about the birds in your backyard, grabbing a pair of binoculars is the best way to identify and catalogue the species in your area.

Mountain Biking

For the truly athletic, nothing beats a day spent mountain biking. Just be sure to wear a helmet.

Gorgeous views

Whitewater Falls — the highest waterfall on the east coast— is just one of the many places that draw crowds to North Carolina from all over the country. You can take a dip in the chilly waters or simply snap some of the best selfies the internet has ever seen.

But North Carolina isn’t just known for its waterfalls and stars. The mountainous region is also home to the Uwharrie National Forest, consisting of more than 50,000 acres to explore. If you’re a forest lover, you’ll also enjoy exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains or the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, one of the most-visited national parks in the entire country.


If you’re not a fan of big cities or noisy neighbors, consider the mountains of North Carolina as your best escape. While there are still plenty of residential areas to choose from, accomplished realtors, like Ashe County Real Estate, will be able to locate remote homes for you, as well. This will ensure you’re getting the best living experience you want when you invest in a mountainside home, whether you’re looking for peace and quiet, or just a location to play music without disturbing the peace.

Improved health

Living in the mountains has the potential to improve your health, too. Thanks to the higher altitudes, many people are at a lower risk for heart issues and respiratory conditions. When you find that you’re spending more time outside, you can also ease your stress, sleep better at night, and promote feelings of happiness.

Living in the mountains truly offers a slew of benefits that can encourage anyone to make the big move. Reach out to local real estate companies and start looking for your dream mountain home.