Top 5 Guidelines to Choose Music for Your Reception


Arranging a wedding can be an overwhelming experience! Flowers, venue, caterer, dresses and the list goes on forever. However, all the effort you put in is crucial considering that the event is going to be the biggest day of your life. Such a joyous day calls for a beautiful reception with a memorable experience for everyone – friends, family & and of course the bride and groom! 


Hiring live music bands for the reception is probably a decision that the couples tend to put on the back burner. Did you know that the background music often sets the tone for the reception? A wedding reception comes with a range of memories – happy dancing, romantic dancing, and all the other kinds that weird relatives can decide it to be! Choosing a live music hire can be a little tricky! Here’s 5 guidelines to help you choose perfectly when you start the search. 

Should fit in with the overall wedding theme:

A wedding is about a theme – it is your big day, & you get to decide what kind of wedding reception you deserve. The choice of music must easily blend with the overall theme you choose for the day. And for that, you need to do little research beforehand. Almost all well-known live music bands who perform at weddings or corporate events showcase their videos or live performances on YouTube or their website. Check for reviews & see how the performances come out in reality. A couple can also try to find the band’s live performance somewhere to get the exact feel of its strengths and weaknesses. Do the artists have the “wow factor “that will set the stage on fire? Is the audience interaction friendly and joyful? A prior discussion gives you an idea if the band understands what you are looking for your special day. 

Create an “awesome list” of must-have tracks:

Cover all the important aspects of reception – a grand one for the couple’s entrance, an emotional and sweet number for daughter-father dance, a couple of upbeat old tracks perfect for all age-groups. Be sure to have some fun while creating a dynamic playlist – from popular to less popular tracks, from instrumental to lyrical, from melodious oldies to upbeat contemporary tracks! The idea is to incorporate something for everyone, yet not losing track of your style. 

Choose the right music: 

No two people have exact similar taste in music! However, there are a set of classical or contemporary numbers that everyone has an ear for. Discuss the same with the band and let them come up with the ideas on what will work best for everyone. Music at a wedding needs to be the perfect amalgamation of melodious classics and electrifying contemporaries. Whether you are an ardent fan of sophisticated string quartet music band or just a simpler music lover, the idea is to plan everything according to your personal style and preference. 

Live Music vs DJ:

Live music is visually and sonically more impactful than a DJ anytime! The musicians must be gifted and skilled enough to give a “wow” performance. A skillful band will have no limits regarding musical style and repertoire. The performers will be more than willing to play anything or everything the exciting couple asks for! The “entertainment factor” is crucial here, and a popular and interactive band can take the party to a super-entertaining level if that’s what you want. 

A DJ or disc jockey has its own set of pros as well. At some venues, there might be restrictions on the number of equipment, and other noise limitations. The cost per hour is likely to be less as well due to the nature of the job. The choice largely depends on your preference, taste and budgetary considerations. 

Budget constraints: 

Arranging a wedding is a costly affair! But it is a moment that everyone usually saves enough for. A little extravagance is not uncommon and no one must feel guilt for a little indulgence when it comes to arranging a dream wedding with a dream partner. So, whether you can afford a fairly economical DJ or want to go all extravagant for this once-in-lifetime opportunity with a classical live band, enjoy the day with all your heart! 

Planning the music list and selection of a DJ or a live music band is probably the most “fun part” of arranging a wedding! Music plays a key role to set the tone, amp up the energy, and create memories that last forever, just like love is supposed to! Choose some of the best songs that define the very best moments for you as a couple, as a family and as friends, and you’ll have a reception that every loved one will remember fondly with a smile on their faces.