Top 5 Places For Summer Camping


Are you looking for a spectacular place to camp for the summer season? It is certainly overwhelming to prepare for an indelible summer camp spree at one of the exotic locales across the globe. Enjoy breathtaking coastal formations at the Tillicum Beach or hike across the largest mountain peak in the state of Washington. Today I will discuss 5 top summer camp places you can enjoy with your kids, family & friends.


Coastal Oregon – Tillicum Beach Campground

One of the most stunning places around Coastal Oregon, the Tillicum Beach camp is a marvelous camping spot featuring the Columbia River Gorge. Do not miss out on the fun at this brilliant rocky coastal terrain that has various towns nearby offering tourist attractions, excellent diners, shopping malls, and night bars. Yachats is one popular town that is both mesmerizing and visitor friendly with its amicable locals and intriguing culturally rich sites. While you are camping at this amazing spot, do not forget to check out places the Thor’s Well, Devil’s Churn and Cape Perpetua.

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

The Mount Rainier National Park in Washington is another top camping spot featuring a range of dynamics. Enjoy a picturesque landscape with colorful wildflowers, wildlife, coastal formations, and waterfalls. It is an ideal spot for snorkeling, undersea exploration, fishing, hiking, and cycling. Prepare your own dinner or eat delicious Yiddish like the seafood you have snagged from the river. Enjoy climbing up the tallest mountain in the state’s National Park. Do not go to the restricted zones; it might land you in trouble for breaking the local laws. If that happens your best course is to contact an experienced attorney like the Galveston criminal defense lawyer.

Sugar Pine State Park

The sugar pine state park is located next to the glorious lake Tahoe coastal side landscape. It is ideal for a camping experience with your friends or kids. The camping spot is perfect for a water sport spree on a stand-up paddleboard, jet ski or a boat. Rake in the sight of fabulous aquatic species around coves undersea and the rocky coral reefs lining the beautiful camping area across the coast. Book yourself a thrilling and highly adventurous sightseeing tour available near the shoreline! Indulge in some jovial adrenaline zapping moments doing water skiing, bungee jumping or hand gliding.


Fontainebleau State Park

The Fontainebleau State Park is apt for a great summer getaway. It is the best place to enjoy nightlife activities like beach festivals, musical party weekends and some mouth-watering local delights. Spend a day at the Fontainebleau State Park in New Orleans to enjoy the craft demonstrations, history lessons, learning workshops, DIY activities for the family, tours, and trivia contests.

Twelvemile Beach Campground

Camp up at the Michigan Twelvemile Beach Campground, and take in the dazzling sights of Lake Superior in Michigan’s scenic Upper Peninsula, the shipwreck remains, sandstone structures, historic formations within the reefs and the stunning wildlife species. The 40-mile stretch of freshwater beach is a sight not to be missed and while you’re here do not forget to take a spin rod along for a mighty catch or your trail mix for a memorable hiking trip up the hilly track near the National Lakeshore. Happy Camping!