Top Bedroom Styling Trends for Self-quarantine (and Beyond)


If you aren’t an “essential” worker, you’ve been stuck at home for more than a month, and it is looking incredibly likely that you’ll continue to shelter in place through the summer, at least. By now, you are probably getting tired of staring at the same old home décor — especially in your bedroom, where you should go to feel relaxed and comfortable after a long day fretting about COVID-19.

You have more free time now than you will ever have again — so why not dedicate a bit of time to freshening up the style in your bedroom? Here are a few trends to help you make your bedroom more soothing and sumptuous over the coming weeks in self-quarantine.

Paint the Walls a Calming Color

White is all right for decorating other areas of your home, but it is both too stark and too boring for a bedroom. In fact, there are plenty of colors that might look fantastic in other rooms but simply aren’t suitable for the area in which you sleep.

The color of your bedroom should help you feel relaxed and calm. Here are a few on-trend color options for you to consider for your space:

  • Sage gray. A deep, muted gray with a green undertone offers a spa-like atmosphere.
  • Lilac. A light purple with gray undertones feels cheery without being overbearing.
  • Mauve. Blush’s gender-neutral cousin, mauve is a perfect mix of pink, purple and gray.
  • Teal. An ocean-inspired blue-green mix helps you breathe deeply and sink into relaxation.
  • Mustard gold. Earth tones provide warmth and comfort, and they are just emerging as trends.

If you don’t happen to have a gallon of paint on hand, you should still be able to visit your local hardware store to acquire paint samples and tools. As long as you take appropriate precautions — wear a mask and gloves, wash your hands, etc. — this outing shouldn’t put you or anyone else in serious danger.

Invest in Furniture of Natural Materials

You don’t want to be overstimulated in your bedroom; in fact, most relaxation and sleep experts advocate for purging your bedroom of most technology and instead introducing natural elements, which help to put the mind and body at ease. Furniture made from natural materials has been a strong trend for several years now, and bedroom sets made from wood, wicker, rattan and the like are likely to continue looking stylish and feeling soothing for years to come.

It isn’t yet wise to venture into furniture stores to look for replacements for synthetic pieces currently populating your bedroom. Instead, you should shop online for items like wood bed frames, ideally from smaller sellers that need customers to stay afloat and don’t have other responsibilities during this trying time.

Cultivate an Indoor Plant Collection

Because they are so diverse in their size, color and texture — and because they grow and change with proper care — plants make for exciting and fun decorative elements. Plus, living plants soak up carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, helping to refresh the air in your home even after the weeks you have spent cooped up inside.


If you haven’t yet earned your green thumb, you should start by placing easy-to-care-for plants in your bedroom. Some of the best include:

  • Snake plants. These thrive in bright and dim conditions and demand minimal water.
  • Spider plants. If you are a chronic over-waterer, you can definitely keep these plants alive.
  • Pothos. Ideal for hanging, these plants will grow out of control in almost any condition.
  • ZZ plants. Boasting a fun structure and a delightful shine, these plants also don’t need attention.
  • Fittonias. Another over-waterer’s dream, these are cute desk plants that stay quite small.

Many beginner plants are easily propagated from trimmings, so you can share your plants with your friends — as long as you do contact-free exchanges.

Create DIY Art

No room is complete if the walls remain bare. While family pictures are nice to place on nightstands and dressers, you don’t want too many faces staring at you while you slumber. Instead, you should consider creating some pieces of art, which will give you a project to complete in your free time and something to improve the look and feel of your bedroom. Some easy DIY projects include:

  • Abstract acrylic pouring art. Using whatever acrylic paint you have and water or glue, you can create a fascinating abstract painting.
  • Simple macramé wall hanging. Macrame is a skill that takes time to master, but you can get the hang of simple knots and create a small but stylish wall hanging.
  • Organized accessories. For functional décor, consider hanging your hats, scarves, ties or other clothing accessories in an organized way, using hooks or pegboard.

You undoubtedly find one or two things annoying about your current bedroom design — and in a few weeks, those small annoyances will become intolerable. You can be proactive about your stay at home by committing to a small redesign of your bedroom, making it a cozier, stress-free space just for you.