Top tips for starting a fashion blog


You’ve been sharing outfit posts and make up tips on Instagram for a while now. You have a small band of followers who enjoy commenting on what you share and have asked if you are going to start up a blog.

You’ve always thought about it but have felt a little daunted by the design element and the commitment that goes with it; it’s easy to snap a picture of what you’re wearing that day but harder to create interesting content to go with each picture.
If you’re serious about starting a fashion blog it’s time to take consider these tips:

Choose your site hoster

Blogger or WordPress is the big decision when it comes to starting a blog, with many people opting for WordPress mainly because has a professional feel and offers more insight. You can also set up your very own, original domain name through the site for just £15 a year – bloggers that have their own domain instead of using a free format generally see more success. 

Read what fashion bloggers and fashion sites are writing about

Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration in your future competition, established bloggers such as inthefrow, Helen Anderson and Leanne Walker are regularly posting exciting new content on top of fashion sites such as Blue Vanilla (you can visit their site by clicking here) post information about the latest trends and even tips on blogging itself.

Decide what your content is going to cover

What do you want to talk about exactly? ‘Outfit of the day’ posts will only get you so far. Are you going to do monthly favourites posts, shopping hauls, days out posts and reviews of restaurants that feature what you wore? Are you going to have a Youtube channel on the side to support your blog content? People do prefer watching videos rather than reading so choose how you convey your content wisely.

Always look for inspiration

Popular fashion, beauty and travel blogger inthefrow has some good tips on this. In her post on the subject she says: “I always find that when I go back, and spend a few hours reading my favourite blogs, I get massive amounts of inspiration, or just remember something that I have done before, that I could do again. I get the motivation bug, and quite often can’t stop writing for a while.

“Lists are your best friend. They remind you of everything you thought about; that time, on the bus, or on the tube, that you forget when you fall asleep. I have a notepad. Granted, I don’t use it often, but my notepad keeps some pretty cool lists inside, that I like to delve back into when I need a kick up the backside.”

Get the right tools for the job

A fashion blog works best when it has lots of attractive images for followers to enjoy browsing. Your words are important but they are there to support your photos in reality. That’s why you should start with your phone camera – using the right editing apps to ensure your pictures look as amazing as possible – and then if your blog is doing really well you can upgrade to a fancier camera. Personal style, hair and lifestyle blogger Helen Anderson recommends a Canon G7X for those looking for a point and shoot with lots of fun features.

Now it’s time to go and have fun with your new blog. Remember to share it on every social media platform, proof read your work carefully and enjoy connecting with lots of like-minded readers!