Top Writing Tips For Students And Academics


If you have not had time to hone your writing skills into the well-oiled machine your theories and concepts deserve, then you might appreciate a few writing tips to set you on the pathway to a brilliant essay.


Start In The Middle Of The Essay

If you haven’t yet been able to come with the right words to introduce the concept of your paper to the reader, just begin writing the bulk of it. You can always come back later and plot out how to make the first, introductory paragraph stand out. Your writing skills are like a muscle that you have to warm up before doing something strenuous.

If you bang out a few paragraphs of your theory before writing the intro, when you return to write the first paragraph, you will be all fired up with where you want the essay to go. Remember to contract the basic outline of your paper into the introduction in clear, concise terminology. This makes it easier for the reader to have an idea of what it is you are presenting to them.

Turn Off Editing Tools

There is nothing so distracting as to be writing in the zone with all your concentration on your concept, only to have it broken by the constant appearance of blue, red, and green underscores all over your sentences.

It is recommended that you turn off the grammar alerts on your Microsoft Word when you are writing and turn it back on when you need to edit. The most important thing is to begin writing and committing your ideas to paper—worry about the proofreading later.


If writing, proofreading, and editing are things that concern you, or you have run out of time to present your paper in the way you think it deserves, think about using a custom writing service to help you over the hurdles. These services have a team of proficient academic writers available that can have an original, non-plagiarized paper back to you before your submission deadline comes around.

Write the First Draft Without Interruption

Keep your head down for the first few days of writing and commit your concept to paper without worrying about structure and grammar. When you have accomplished getting your word count and ideas onto the screen, only then do you need to begin the second writing stage: shaping the words into an understandable format.

The biggest hurdle when it comes to writing an essay is getting the words down. You only need to start sweating the small stuff such as editing and proofreading, when you have your words on paper.

Be Original

The point you wish to make is unique to you. No one else can present your idea in quite the same way. This aspect is what makes writing such an accomplishment. You get to have something that represents your originality and personality at the same time. If you are stuck for ideas on which to write about, spend time on researching your topic. Inspiration often comes to those who wait.