Travel Hacks for Heavy Packers


Packing for a trip is the least-fun part of any vacation. What are you going to need while you are away? Can you do without this, that or this other thing for the whole time you are gone? How are you supposed to decide which outfits to bring while on vacation? These are some questions heavy packers face each time they pull out those suitcases. Good thing, the internet now offers a lot of references that you can resort to. Land of the Traveler is one that you can visit to help you pack your best suitcase, and ensure you’re not forgetting anything.

Anyhow, here are few travel hacks to help those who cannot bring themselves to pack light.

Get a Luggage Scale

One of the best items you can buy for yourself is a quality luggage scale. Having a luggage scale will help you keep the weight of your bags in check. Put all the items you think you need inside the bag and weigh it. If it’s too big, start removing the items you were not absolutely sold on having with you. Keep in mind, you need to have some space in your bags for any items you are bringing home with you.

Dental Floss

Dental Floss can save you from serious travel woes. Not only can you use it to fix your glasses if you lose a screw, but, dental floss is durable enough to double as a clothes line if needed. String up a strand of it, wash your clothes and hang them to dry overnight. If you are guilty of over packing in order to have enough outfits, being able to wash your clothing, and leaving it to dry, can eliminate your need to carry extra items with you.

Zip Lock Bags

Buy yourself some travel sized containers for your toiletries and seal them all inside a ziplock bag for your trip. This will help to keep all your items together, and also will save the rest of your luggage should something leak. No need to carry full-size bottles of your products, save the room in your suitcase for something else.

Roll Your Clothing

Rolled clothing will save space in your luggage. Plus, you can roll entire outfits together to keep yourself organized. Roll your shirts, socks, underwear and pants together before placing them together in your bag to keep yourself organized.

Bring Minimal Accessories

When packing for your trip, consider finding accessories that can be worn with multiple outfits to save space. Neutral bags and purses are a great option as well as simple jewelry and watches. Don’t bring anything too expensive that may be lost during your travels.

Packing for your trip does not need to be stressful, with a few simple hacks, even the heaviest of packers can help themselves lighten their load. Buy yourself a scale, weigh your bags before leaving, take the scale with you to help balance your load for the way home as well. Bring dental floss, it doesn’t take up much room, but it has endless uses. Limit your toiletries to a single ziplock bag and bring only a few accessories that can do double or triple duty. Lastly, roll your clothing to help save space. Most of all, have an amazing time on your vacation without sore arms from carrying heavy luggage.