Trust A Professional Installation Team For Your New Windows And Doors


Many homeowners hope that the fiberglass and steel entry doors that they have chosen for their home will be expertly installed, but they seldom give much thought to who will actually be doing the installation. In fact, many homeowners are inclined to believe that the same manufacturer that sold the product will also be doing the installation, but this is seldom the case. The reality is that many companies employ independent contractors; in some cases, the quality of the work may not align with the manufacturer’s guidelines, which can result in unsatisfied customers. Read on to find out what makes fiberglass and steel entry doors a preferred choice among homeowners, and why having factory-trained staff deliver and install them is ideal.

Choose the Right Door for Your Home

It’s no surprise that your front entry door represents the face of your home. Choosing a door that compliments your home can be difficult; homeowners have a bevy of choices when it comes to colors, style, and materials. Although wooden doors provide a high-end look, the long-term cost can quickly add up. Wooden doors will need to be painted or varnished periodically and may be subject to warping or rotting, which may make them less appealing, and irregularities over time can end up costing you on your energy consumption.

If your primary focus is energy efficiency, a fiberglass door is an ideal choice. Fiberglass doors closely mimic the look of wooden doors and they provide similar curb appeal, but they require far less maintenance over the lifetime of the door. High quality fiberglass doors from retailers like Casa Bella Windows & Doors in the GTA are Energy Star certified; they are built with a polyurethane core, heat resistant trim, and Q-Lon weather-stripping. Fiberglass doors also have higher R-values, meaning that they keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Lastly, they are scratch and dent resistant and provide superior security over wooden doors, which means that they withstand the rigours of family living.

If your focus, however, is security; a steel door is optimal. Visit to peruse a large selection of steel doors, specifically 20-gauge steel doors, which are the strongest and most durable doors on the market; they are not susceptible to warping, and — like fiberglass — they are more energy-efficient than wooden doors. They are, however, prone to rusting if not properly primed and painted. If you’re looking for a door built for endurance that offers the best security, a steel door is a great choice.

Hire a Factory-Trained Installation Team

The final and perhaps the most important part of your home improvement project is the installation. Because many homeowners assume that a manufacturer will use only the best installation team for the job, many are sorely disappointed when they learn that subcontractors were hired rather than a factory-trained staff that understands each item being installed. The Casa Bella installation team is trained at the in-factory facility in Mississauga Ontario, and are paid by hour rather than by job which means they will take the time necessary to do the job the right way.

As a consumer, you should confirm that the manufacturer is fully insured and also inquire about the installation process, and for the best in energy efficiency, ask about Energy Star certified options to ensure that your costs overall are kept to a minimum.