Warm Sand and Exciting Nightlife await at Brazil’s Beautiful Beaches



Two of the most beautiful beaches in  Brazil are located in or near  the city of Rio de Janeiro. The first , made even more popular by the song “The Girl FromIpenema”, is Ipenema Beach. The soft white sand and gentle breezes might tempt you to stay on the beach, but Ipenema also offers hip boutiques, great nightlife, and dining. Although it is known in Brazil as a family beach,  Ipenema Beach is also hailed as the birth place of the Tangas- or mini bikini. Activities include volleyball, swimming, fishing, boating, and sun bathing.

Beach Buzios, Brazil

A short distance away is Copacabana Beach. The Copacabana is seen not only as one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, but in the world as well. Here, there is over 1 km. of sugary white sand.  Activities include volleyball, fishing, swimming, boating and boat tours. You might wish to include a tour of theCagarras Islands, an archipelago of islands off of the southern coast. For those who wish to see more of natural Brazil, there is Tijuca National Park. This beautiful, reforested area encompasses 8000 acres of tropical rainforest, which boasts 30 waterfalls, and 100 species of animals. Available activities abound! The clean unspoiled beach gives way to the forest . Hiking, rock climbing, and  hang gliding for the most adventurous tourists to enjoy. There is also the tinyMayrink Chapel which features incredible murals. You may wish to climb the rock called Pedra Da Ga’vea. There is a face carved into the rock, and an inscription in Phonecian which says “Tyro Phoenicia Badir First Born Jethbaal”. The king Badir’s reign would put the age of this rock at 850 B.C., but its authenticity has been questioned. It is thought that the eroded carving on the rock might be of King Badir.

ipanema beach brazil

Visible from Rio is the incredible statue of “Christ The Redeemer”, which rises 40 meters high at the summit of  Corcovado Mountain. A trip to this mountainmarvel  affords all with breathe taking views of Rio and the surrounding areas.

When journeying to the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, those of Sao Paulo must not be over looked. Sao Paulo , like Rio, has a large immigrant population and is thus very culturally diverse. There are over 1 million Japanese living there, and in their neighborhood, one can enjoy many gardens and exotic shops. If swimming, fishing and boating are your passion ,the golden sands of Balneario Camboriu will be to your liking. This beach offers exciting night life, aswell . There are 4 miles of beach, and there are many activities for families such as Banana Boat Rides and Pirate Ship Tours.  Interestingly, BalnearioCamboriu has become a destination for senior citizens and many own second homes. However, the most beautiful beaches in Brazil may not be in Brazil, but Miami! According to Prestige International Miami, many Brazilians are buying property in the United States, particularly Miami. Currently, a 3bedroom 2bath condo in Miami with 850 square feet sells for $149,900. An apartment in Natal, Brazil, currently sells for $251,000. Why? Because the economy caused prices in Miami to drop. In Brazil, the prices have risen. Brazilian currency is worth more than the American dollar, at the current rate of exchange.Thistrend has encouraged Brazilian investors and those who want a vacation home to buy property in Miami and the surrounding area. Many, in fact, are buying not only leisure homes but also investment properties to let.  Both Brazil’s and Florida’s beaches are beautiful. Perhaps the grass is simply greener on the other side.