Water Softener Systems Comparison: X Top-Rated Water Systems


If the water that comes to your home contains about 60mg of dissolved magnesium and calcium, it is hard. Some areas have dissolved hard minerals of up to 180mg per gram of water. The only way to ensure the dissolved minerals do not stain your utensils and laundry or give you ashy skin is to soften the water in your home. Below is a water softener price comparison with the top water softeners on the market today.

Water Softener Comparison

AHWA WS1 The President 

From American Home Water and Air, the President is an efficient water softener that runs on a solid-state microprocessor. You can operate it in any of its three modes – time clock delayed, meter immediate, or meter delayed. The mode you choose should fit your specific needs. Its efficiency comes from its double backwash feature that keeps the system clean for optimum regeneration. The control valve setting allows The President up to 36 preprogrammed regeneration cycles so you can pick what matches with your water usage needs.

The WS1 gives you years of soft water. Better yet, you get a ten-year warranty for parts and labor. The best advantage yet, the price of this water softener is affordable.

SpringWell Future-soft Salt-Free Water Softener

The SpringWell Future-soft Salt-Free Water Softener does not need salt. Unlike other salt-free water softeners, the SpringWell softener uses a proprietary media that makes it efficient than most salt-free systems on the market. Again, the system does not need any maintenance seeing that it does not need salt. However, you will need to change the filter annually. The parts required to install the system are all in the system package. It is recommended for use with the SpringWell Water Filtration system for efficient water cleaning. However, the system is relatively expensive. 

Filtersmart Salt-Free Water Softener

Unlike other systems on this water softener comparison, Filtersmart is a whole-house water filtration and water softener combo. This will definitely cost more than stand-alone water softeners, but it will save you money in the long run. Each unit uses a carbon filter with coconut shells. The carbon filter lasts up to 5 years after which you will need to replace it. The water softener breaks down the minerals that make your water hard into microscopic granules. 

However, the softener does not remove calcium or magnesium. When the particles are broken down, they do no build up on your skin, clothes or utensils. Because of this, the Filtersmart is actually a “descaler” rather than a softener.

Fleck 9100SXT Dual Tank Softener

If you need a tank that offers enormous capacity from this water softener systems comparison, this will suffice. The two tanks each have a 96,000-gain capacity. Each tank comes accompanied by a 10-year warranty and the resins in them will last up to 5 years. But the tank is heavy and bulky – you may not like it if you do not have enough space. 

The water has a great flow rate making it ideal for a home with five or more occupants. 

AHWA The Patriot

The Patriot, from American Home Water and Air, comes as a two-piece that enhances durability. It is a great option when you do use your tank in a regular pattern. Its demand initiated regeneration allows you to save up to 50 percent salt. Again, you can choose the tank that fits your needs – a small tank for a small family and tight spaces.

The system is available in 32,000 to 64,000-grain capacity. You get a 5-year warranty on parts and labor. If you are looking to buy a water softener on a budget from this water softener comparison, you can get refurbished Patriots at a fraction of the cost.

Water Softener Salt Price Comparison

Salt-based water softeners such as AHWA The President are very efficient as they remove all minerals from your water. If you have a salt-based water softener, you will need softener salt to keep the system functional. Below is a simple water softener salt price comparison. 

Morton SALT System Saver II Pellets

Morton produces table salt, and they also provide leading water softener salt. Unlike most other salt options in this water softener salt price comparison, the Morton salt ensures that minerals do not accrue in your brine tank by cleaning all the minerals. Besides thoroughly cleaning your brine tank, the salt allows the resin beads to regenerate with top efficacy. Each bag comes with 50 pounds of salt for a month or more of use. 

Morton Pure and Natural Softener Salt

This is the second salt option from Morton in this water softener price comparison article. While the first option comes in pellets, this option comes in the form of salt crystals. The salt crystals are pure and natural and have a high water softening efficacy. 

Thanks to the purity of the salt crystals, the salt is ideal for all water softeners. Each bag contains 40 pounds of salt crystals. 

Diamond Crystal Salt Pellets

The bright and soft salt pellets from Diamond Crystal are versatile, making them ideal for all water softeners. It is 99.9 percent pure salt making it highly effective in softening hard water in all water softener systems. 

The pellets are compacted to keep your brine tank free of any mineral residue to prolong the life of your tanks. Given the purity of the salt pellets, you are sure that the salt will dissolve 100 percent into the water, which enhances resin regeneration. Every pass your water makes through the water softener system makes the water very pure. 

Nature’s Own Potassium Chloride

If you do not want sodium in your water, you can use these salt crystals for a change. Although no evidence shows using sodium-based salt will affect your health, if you are worried about your health, use potassium-based salt. The potassium in these salt crystals maintains the efficiency of your water softener. Again, if you water your plants, potassium is healthier to plants than sodium.

Each bag comes with 40 pounds of potassium chloride. However, the price for this salt is the highest in this water softener piece comparison seeing that potassium pellets are expensive to produce. 


There are many more water softeners and salts in the market. The American Home Water and Air The President tops the list due to its versatility, its great price, warranty, and features.