Waterproof Socks and Their Usage


Are you going out for an adventure? Then you need to be prepared for the absolute worst. You should expect any and all-weather conditions because nature is unreliable. Why not start with a pair of waterproof socks? These socks are built for doing exactly what their name says they do, protecting your feet from water using layers of clothing and membranes that prevent any water from touching your feet.

The most important aspect of a waterproof sock is its extraordinary capability to stop water from touching your feet. Normally, waterproof socks contain 3 materials: a knit outer sock, a waterproof membrane, and a knit interior sock.


These socks are thicker than your average everyday socks because the outer and inner layers have to shield the waterproof membrane from wear and tear, so they are built to be thick. The waterproof membrane extends from the tip of the foot to the ankle. The sock itself goes a bit up than the membrane. The membrane has been built to stretch while retaining the size of the pores. The pores act as a one-way passage for the feet’ moisture to escape while keeping the water out.

Who are they for?

Waterproof socks are not for everyone. They are made for people who go hiking, kayaking frequently. People can also wear them in places where it rains a lot, as they protect your feet from getting wet.

Not only that, the socks can be worn by fishermen, while cycling and for many more activities whether they are for pleasure or work. The socks provide an excellent breathable experience, so your feet are not deprived of the air they need. They also let moisture leave the feet, all while not compromising on their waterproof nature.

Because they have three layers, the socks can be used in cold environments too, because they provide excellent protection against cold, which just cannot be provided by single-layered socks, no matter how thick.

So, any activity that does not require water but is conducted in environments with water, such as cycling, running, and hiking, are sports in which waterproof socks could be used. You never know when you walk into a puddle or send your bike through the dirt. Keep yourself protected and dry with waterproof socks.

Waterproof Socks for Hiking

Hiking is one major sport in which you can be exposed to any weather condition known to man. It can be snowy, windy, rainy, or just plain old sunny when a person goes hiking, depending on the location. So, why not protect yourself with the best types of socks available on the market, waterproof hiking socks. These socks are built using the best materials available.

The use of three layers, with the top and bottom ones made with wool and a hydrophilic membrane layer in the middle will make you forget about any socks you have ever worn before. They stretch just as much as regular socks as they still do not lose their waterproof nature as well as their shape. The use of wool is to trap pockets of heat in the air between the fabrics so your feet never go cold.

Types of Waterproof Socks

Waterproof socks have sizes and lengths, just like normal socks. The three types are all-weather, cold weather, and extreme cold weather socks. You can choose whichever pair will be best for you, but one thing is for sure, you cannot go wrong with any pair that you buy.

The different sizes also come into play when buying a pair of waterproof socks for your next outing. Normal-sized socks cover the feet completely and some part of your legs. These are best for people who go outdoors for walking and running. The other size of socks is knee-high socks, which cover your leg completely until the knee’s start. 

So, half of your leg is protected alongside your feet for added protection. The socks of this size are made especially for people who go skiing, cycling, and hiking. If not needed, then they can always be rolled down. The socks offer 100% protection from the wind, too, so you don’t get uncomfortable while wearing them.

Medium-sized socks

Then there is an option for people who go to work or outside in rainy cities. For them, medium-sized socks are available with a plain striped pattern. These socks can be worn anywhere because they don’t have the looks of typical waterproof socks, which scream adventure. These are more subtle. But they have the same performance as regular waterproof socks. 

Any waterproof sock you buy will have two layers of wool with a membrane in the middle. What differentiates between them all is the thickness of the wool used inside them.

There are many companies out there that provide outstanding quality socks for reasonable prices. Some of the major ones are

●      Dexshell

●      Hanz

●      SealSkins

These are international manufacturers that deliver to almost every country in the world within two weeks. Some manufacturers like DexShell use merino wool, which is an excellent heat absorber and trapper. It traps pockets of air, which keep the feet warm and comfortable when using, even for an extended period.


Summing everything up, this article looked briefly at the benefits of waterproof socks for people. They perform just as well as they are advertised, given that you buy from a reputable manufacturer. They keep your feet safe from winds and the cold water wherever you go, for however long you like. So, if you have to cross a cold river or a mountain capped in snow, then these socks must be taken with you on your adventure. There are also subtler looks available for people who go to offices who just want a pair of socks that keep their feet warm. Whichever pair of socks you choose, they will keep your feet warm and comfortable like never before.