Weekend habits that will increase your productivity during the whole week


As the weekend is the break between two working periods it should be relaxing and chilling for you. Its main purpose is to make you charge your batteries and make you feel better before you start with the working week over again. It should be filled and busy by things you love most, people you feel most comfortable with and places you enjoy visiting. Believe it or not, even your own home could turn into the best place ever when the weekend break is in question. It all depends on you.

We all have different habits we practice for the weekend. Regarding on their importance and difficulty, they should be considered as a simple routine in order not to bother us nor make us feel even more exhausted before the working weak days. Or you can, just as well, find something you really consider relaxing for you so you can have a productive weekend all dedicated to you and your well being.


In that case simple routines like reading books, practicing some sport, visiting a particular place or cooking for your friends could be a good idea. The key is to do it with whole your heart and to choose something that’s effortless for you.

On the other hand if you still did not make this simple acts a routine or a weekend habit, we’ve selected the following ones as quite important. Its practice can leave you well prepared for the weak that follows. They will fill your heart and will not take you too much effort and time.

Read something that relaxes you. Think about your favorite writer and buy something new that calls your attention. Choose the genre that relaxes you, inspires you or even teaches you. Never stop learning. That’s how you become the best version of yourself.


Spend more time with your closest family and friends. A lunch away or a pic-nick at the nearest mountain is a perfect solution. Don’t let the weather spoil your plans. If it’s too cold or if it’s rainy show your cooking skills and gather them all at your place. Spend some quality time sharing memories with them.

Find a new hobby. Be creative. Start practicing activities you have never done before. How about hiking, biking, swimming or golfing?


Spend more time in open air places. Fall in love with the mountain. Connect with the nature. Charge your batteries on a natural way. Go to some place with fresh air. Forget about the crowded city centers.

Disconnect and log out. Make a rule of “no internet” during the weekend. Leave the social medias behind. At least for two days forget about calls, messages and constantly checking your phone. Make memories.


Wake up early and go to bed early. The habit of waking up early in the morning is a healthy one. Take care of your body and spirit. The fact that you don’t have to wake up to go for work next day will immediately calm you down, therefore you will rest very good. The result once again would be waking up early even if you don’t have to work.