What if the death was temporary


There is barely any other thing in the world as sure as the death. However, this is not the reason for the scientists not to consider the credibility of the death itself. They went deep into this topic in order to give an answer to the most tricky question lately:

What if the death was only temporary?

There is a fair proof that the zombies do not exist. On the other hand the reanimation of already death bodies is not something a product of our imagination. The scientists have worked on this long time ago now.


Back in 1800 the physician Giovanni Aldini became famous by reanimating both animal and human bodies. He would do it by using powerful electric shocks. He would connect a battery to the human body that acts as if the body was alive. The public was amazed by his work even though the truth was that it was all faked. The body never came back to live. Giovanni knew he didn’t manage to do it, however, he never gave up. Nor any of his followers did.

Zombie animals

in 1930 the intention to bring the death bodies back to life with an electric shocks became too mainstream. One of the most famous scientist in this field was Robert Cornish, an American biologist. He managed to do a reanimation to two already dead dogs. He was moving them constantly back and forth so the blood in their head would move just as if they were alive. Meanwhile he injected each of the bodies with coagulants and steroids. Later he said he was ready to do the same experiment to a person. A prisoner with death penalty volunteered for his experiment. However, the government did not allow it.

Not that long ago a group of scientists from Yale have tried to reanimate a pig’s brain. They managed to bring back the activity of the brain as well as a partial cell activity only a few hours after its death. Even though some of the cells re-started working this was not enough for the pig to bring back its consciousness.


Zombie people

The zombies definitely do not exist. However, some particular cases show the possibility of a spontaneous resurrection. In 2011, 46-years old Kelly Dwayer have fallen into a frozen lake while hiking alone. Her heart stopped working before the ambulance arrived. Her body temperature was barely 15 degrees Celsius. Kelly was already five hours death when the doctors turned off the life support. Right after this, her death heart have spontaneously started to beat again. After having spent two weeks in the hospital, Kelly went back home safe and sound. She didn’t even have brain damage. Of course she is not considered as zombie, however she has managed to, somehow, bring herself back to life. There’s a special phenomenon name for such cases: the phenomenon of Lazarus. On the other hand, not everyone who have experienced the Lazarus phenomenon brought back into function the nervous system. Not everyone who have managed to come back to life lived long after this. The research have shown that only about 37% of the people who experience this keep on with a normal life.