The benefits of having a goal in your life


Some research done recently shows that the people who have a life goal tend to leave longer. Having a purpose and something you live for protects you from early death.


A group of scientists from Michigan University have analyzed and observed the results of a research. As much as 7.000 people were involved in it. Some of the interviewed were over fifty years old. They started this analysis back in 1992. At the end of the research, which was in 2006, they were asked to fill a psychological questionnaire. They were supposed to give an answer how do they feel after hearing the phrases:

“I enjoy making plans and working on their achievement.”


“My daily activities seem trivial and unimportant.” 

After this, the interviewed were given points for a “life goal and purpose”.


The scientists later have compared the results with the mortality rate of the interviewed in the next five years. In that period of time 776 of them have died. The ones that have had a lower mark on the scale had greater possibility to die younger. Moreover, they had greater chance to suffer from a heart attack and to suffer blood pressure problems. Factors like depression and others that might have an effect on their life were bared in mind.

“It seems like having a life goal has more benefits than disadvantages. I claim that the volunteering as well as the meditation help quite a lot in the overall psychical health.”


The scientists’ next challenge was to find out whether the activities which purpose is to increase the purpose in one’s life work indeed. According to them, there are several factors why having a goal in your life can improve the quality of your life. A previously made research have shown that living a life with a purpose decreases the genes that activate the inflammation inside the body.

Yet another research have shown that a strong life goal and a burning desire for something has a lot to do with the hormone cortisol. The result is lower level of inflammatory molecules inside the body. However, the scientists did not rejected the possibility of putting low life goals and expectations caused by some chronic illnesses.


After all, all the scientists agree that having such a life goal is highly recommendable. It keeps you in shape to always pursue your goal. It keeps you vital and it gives sense to your life. That way there is always something you run after and want to reach. You might even wake up earlier than before, which is amazing. Maybe you change some vital habits that improves both your mental and physical health.

On the other hand they all agree, too, that your life is something personal, therefore you have to follow only your own instincts. You have to do what resonates with your body, life and mind. Your choices do not define you, however, at the same time, they do define who you become and in which direction your life will go. Make sure you choose the best for you and make your life worth living.