What will a hair transplant in Turkey cost?


The challenge that many people with hair loss face is trying to decide on if they should have a hair transplant procedure done and how much it will cost. A high financial cost can be a problem for many people since most health insurance companies will not cover any of the cost. Even countries with a national health insurance plan are unlikely to be willing to pay anything towards what is thought to be a cosmetic procedure.


This means that many patients will be expected to pay everything out of pocket, which can become very expensive. This is one reason that Turkey is a popular destination for many cosmetic procedures including hair transplant surgeries such as the FUE. The cost is of course only one aspect to consider, and many clinics in Turkey such as the Vera Clinic offer very high-quality work done by trained and experienced physicians.

What will the cost be for a hair transplant in Turkey?

If you do choose to travel to Turkey to get hair transplant work done, then you need to be aware of what will be involved in determining how expensive or affordable the work is. In general, the price will be only 2/3 or less than that of a nation like the United Kingdom.

Several factors will influence how much your total cost will be. Obviously, if you are traveling to Turkey from another country, then this needs to also be included in your budget. The cost of a flight or a train should all be factored into the total price. Some clinics in Turkey are able to make or help you with all of the arrangements for traveling and accommodation.

In other cases, you may need to arrange all of this yourself, including finding a place to stay for the duration of your procedure and recovery. The recovery time will not be very long so you will not have to stay for too long. However, the clinic you select can tell you what they expect the recovery time to be.

Cost differences among hair transplant procedures

The cost will also depend on which particular procedure is done. Certainly, the FUE will cost more than the FUT, and DHI will be more expensive than the FUE.

However, you need to be careful not too simply choose the FUT because it is the cheapest procedure. This is because it may not give you the results you want, which will then mean that you have actually wasted money. There are also additional procedures that can be done in conjunction with the hair transplant method that you do choose, for instance, PRP therapy. 

A reputable clinic that has been in business for a while will be able to give you a good idea and estimate of the total cost so that you can plan ahead. They should also include the costs of any medications, creams and the fees of the specialists and clinic in their price estimate.