Kitchen Cabinet Finish Characteristics (Painted or Stained)


Kitchen cabinets should have a stunning look, with an average life of twenty or thirty years, with ease of use and also should be functional always. There must be high-quality finish of kitchen cabinets because if it is not under consideration then it would lead to sagging, crooked doors, deteriorating drawers, warping boxes, scratched and dented faces and many other problems faced by not using the high-quality cabinet finishing. There must be the following characteristics in the kitchen cabinets. You can check Kitchen Cabinets Calgary and get inspired for your kitchen renovation. 


All-Plywood Construction

 All-Plywood Construction, using particle board with medium density fiberboard which is prepared by pressing glued wood particles at a high temperature which have less strength as compared to all-plywood. So, all-plywood construction should be the priority.

Thin Panels

Using thin panels for back panels and metal hang rails with brackets rather than full-height back panels would cause penalty due to less strength of bearing load. Soft edge hinges must be used to avoid stiff, uneven doors and also not closing the door problem. 

Drawer glides should be soft close and the most important factor, they should be mounted under the drawer which gives us access to full drawer and steel structure also gives a long lifetime. 

Drawer boxes should have dovetail joint at the corner rather than stapled particle board to avoid less strength failure by the use of butt or rabbet joint. Cabinet face frames are a good option for the high-quality ready to assemble cabinets and it is standard to use them rather than using a frameless-cabinets to avoid the unwanted changes in the shape of the cabinet.

Quality of Finish

One other very important factor on which quality of kitchen cabinet depends significantly is the difference of use of painted or stained cabinets. There are a lot of differences between painted and stained cabinets with respect to appearance, cost, installation, maintenance, dust, durability and many more. 

We will discuss some of them here. First of all, we will compare the difference between the appearances. Paint can be applied on hardwood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), and, plywood also but Stain can be best applied only to the wood because it absorbs stain and its natural surface beauty does not get changed. Paint makes the finish satin, glossy, or matte but stain adds some color to the wood but natural beauty and grain still show through. 

Cost Difference

There is also a difference in the installation of paint and stain. Both are being applied by the factory in case of new cabinets but in case of stiles and ends of the cabinets, there will be a new veneer other than the factory finish. There also a huge difference of about 15% in the cost of painted and stained cabinets as painted cabinets are costlier than that of stained cabinets. The reason behind this difference is that more paint is needed to cover all the grains on the surface as compared to the stain because there is no need for covering the grains in case of applying the stain.


There is not a huge difference in the maintaining of painted and stained cabinets, it is very easy as a soft cloth can be used to wipe the dust from the surface of both types. But there is an important difference lies that stained cabinets can be washed with water and soap while painted cabinets cannot be washed with water due to the reason that paint will peel off because of water. Both painted and stained cabinets show the dust easily so there would be more effort to remove dust often. The difference between the durability of painted and stained cabinets is due to the fact that stain is being absorbed in the wood which holds the wood more strongly and it would have a longer life than painted one as painted cabinet may cause fault due to its tendency of producing flakes and also cracks on joints and seams.

Pros and Cons of Painted Cabinets

Now we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of painted ready to assemble cabinets. Painted kitchen cabinets have one advantage that it gives us smooth finish because all the grains on the surface are covered and the surface becomes smoother than earlier also, they retain the hue and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and paint are good partners for a long time. According to RTA Cabinet Supply, painted cabinets have disadvantages like they hide unique features of wood like grains, the possibility of becoming complex and also, they would deteriorate earlier as compared to stained cabinets.

Pros and Cons of Stained Cabinets

Now we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of stained cabinets. They give advantages like showing the natural beauty of wood, ease of maintenance because of the ability to wash with soap and water. They have disadvantages like they are in fewer color choices, requires better quality wood, cannot be used with medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and they show more dust on dark colors.