When and How to Use Exogenous Ketones


Exogenous ketones or the ketones you consume represent one of the best aids when you want to boost ketosis efforts. While not all solutions are the same, it is also true that you will need to find a good product to work with when you want the healthiest results. A ketones supplement is easy to use and as with any supplement, they even come with good versatility as well.

When to use ketones?

The time to use exogenous ketones is closely linked to weight loss. This is why it is important to find the right moment to start using the supplement or it can even be for the entire duration of the weight loss process. With better results when it comes to overall nutrition, you will also boost your efforts considerably.

Weight loss

When you look to lose weight, exogenous ketones can be one of the best additions. They come to boost your efforts and they represent one of the leading options on low carbohydrate diets such as the Ketogenic or the Atkins diet.

The ketones are a great source of energy to replace glucose which is gathered from carbohydrates. This is why you want to use the ketones to your advantage and maintain or improve energy levels which are not typically associated with weight loss. You thus have the ability to work with products which are easy to use and which are aimed to aid you in the process and not to replace actual foods.  Products exist on the market to help you determine your ketones levels at any given time and we suggest using those to your advantage.

Avoiding Keto flu

The Keto flu is a state of low energy and other side effects when you considerably limit your carbohydrate intake and when you increase your fats intake. Described as a condition at the beginning of the Ketogenic diet, it can be one of the leading options when it comes to good health. It can also be among the solutions to consider when you want to limit the period of transition. The transition is final when you reach ketosis, which stands for the state in which your body starts to produce more ketones as fuel instead of glucose.

Mental sharpness

Mental sharpness is another added benefit of ketone consumption. Still linked to restrictive diets, certain sharpness problems can be avoided with the right nutrition. It is why you need to ensure that you are actually on point with your diet and why you are able to find the solution you need to maintain good cognition levels, especially if you are an active person.

Made in various combinations which can also improve sharpness and which can also include healthy fats, ketones can thus be consumed when you want to avoid any focus problems with your diet.

How to use ketones?

There seems to be some confusion about the way you consume the ketones. But even if you consume them at different times of the day, you should still be able to see good results with your diet as well. But when you want to fine-tune your results, you will need some creativity and the willingness to improve your overall dieting results.

Mix with coconut milk

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to consume ketones is to simply mix the powder with coconut milk. This will lead to a delicious drink which can be consumed at any time of the day. It will also add some healthy fats to your diet. This means that you will gain extra energy and you will also start to see cognition benefits as well. Healthy fats can also act to normalize hormones which are essential when it comes to losing weight.

Blend into a smoothie

Smoothies represent one of the best solutions on low-carbohydrate diets. You can also use various ingredients in smoothies. You can add various spices such as cinnamon to make your smoothies taste better and to also gain some antioxidants which have a role in weight loss as well.

Blend with protein powder

Another way to consume exogenous ketones comes in a combination of protein powders. It is here that you have the ability to enjoy the best macronutrients which are used on low carbohydrate diets and this also allows you to save muscle mass while burning fat. You thus need to ensure that you are on point when it comes to good overall nutrition and in many cases, the added protein can also come with certain flavors as well.

Protein powders contain different amounts of protein per serving. Thus, you can also take the opportunity to add protein to your diet in case you need to hit a certain percentage every day, such as it the case with the Keto diet. But protein powders are also versatile when it comes to the time to be consumed and thus you can even consume the shake before a workout to boost your energy and physical performance as well.

Use plain for brain benefits

One of the simplest ways to consume exogenous ketones is directly from the scoop. This method is typically recommended when you want the fastest digestion. You can try this yourself first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. This will come with the brain benefits you expect from ketones which can also improve your focus capacity.

While there are many other ways in which exogenous ketones can be consumed, it is also important to consider the options you have when it comes to sustainability. Even if the diet only lasts a few weeks, you still need to be able to fully follow it as it is the habits you can sustain that will offer the most results. In all cases, exogenous ketones can prove to be of real help when you want to boost the ketones your body already produces. As with all supplements, you also need to ensure that your product is free from fillers or GMOs which can be harmful on many levels, even if consumed for short periods of time. With many third-party testing, this risk can be considerably reduced.