Why Brooklyn Beckham doesn’t look like his parents


One of the most famous famous couple’s son is definitely Brooklyn Beckham. He is the oldest son to his parents. Having had the privilege to be born already like a star, it seems like he faces difficulties to cope up with the fame. He is one of the proofs why it is important to have the inner ability to be a star, not only having the advantage of being a famous couple’s son.


He might have it all on the palm of his hand, have an enormous will to follow the world of photography. He even has a girlfriend who’s a model and attends events like Cannes Festival. However, he fails to shine, unlike his parents. Even though he is an already known and famous name in the world of the show-biz, this is only thanks to his parent’s names and fame. Everyone expects him to shine like a star just because he is a former football player’s son and a former singer and current designer son. But it seems like he has it difficult and that are one of the reasons why:

  1. He doesn’t take the college seriously enough. He would rather act like a famous star instead of stick to his obligations. That is the main reason why he is not even among the most popular boys in his college. Most of his peers do not like him because of his behavior.
  2. All he has is his well-known and sound surname. Otherwise, if he would have been born to different parents, he wouldn’t have had that much attention. The reason is that he is not creative with this huge advantage at all.
  3. He is not even close to his father when the football is in question. The truth is he didn’t even dedicate himself to become more successful in this field. On the other hand, David is a parent full with understanding, therefore he has never forced his son to become something he didn’t want to.
  4. Unlike his mother, he is not decisive at all. During one interview he said he would like to keep on with the photography, however, he feels to shy sometimes.
  5. Even though he claims to be very interested in photography, we haven’t seen much proof from his talent.
  6. He published a book with photographic works and later said he didn’t expect to become an author that easy. It seems like he believes himself to be an author that easy.
  7. He doesn’t have a courage to do anything on his own. He always needs the confirmation of his parents and always counts on them. He is believed to be the biggest baby among the famous couple’s sons.
  8. At one moment he said he doesn’t want to be recognized as David and Victoria’s son but rather as Brooklyn Beckham. However, the world have seen nothing from him so far, except his famous surname.
  9. His work as a photographer have received more negative than positive comments.
  10. He doesn’t even look like a star, just like everyone expects him to behave and appear, judging by his parents.