Winter Wedding Ideas


For too long now summer weddings have stolen the show, it’s time winter weddings got their chance in the spotlight. Perhaps you think of them as cold and uncomfortable but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Winter weddings can be made up of a cosy venue with a roaring fire, rich colour palettes, and a chance for you to be very creative. So where should you start?

Wedding Favours

Let’s start small: wedding favours. They are a lovely, personal touch to give to your guests. They act as a wonderful way for your loved ones to remember this special day. Plus it acts as a thank you to them for coming to celebrate with you. Make sure your favours are small enough to slip into a handbag for safekeeping. Struggling to think of winter wedding favours? You could have small scented candles, homemade gingerbread, or perhaps a packet of seeds for the seasonal flowers from the day. 


Speaking of flowers, you should think about what sort of arrangements you want. When selecting your florals, it’s also important to think about your colour scheme. You can go rich and warm to combat the cold from outside. Or you could commit to the winter theme and opt for whites with silver. If you’re struggling to think of which flowers to go for, there’s a handy guide for you right here

Cosy Venue 

One of your biggest tasks will be finding just the right venue. A big plus about married in the winter is that it’s going to be a lot cheaper than summer. There are a few things you need to consider when finding the place. It’s important you visit it a night as it’s going to be dark for the most part. What’s the atmosphere like? Can you see yourself and guests being comfortable? Chat with the venue staff and see what they can offer you. To save yourself worrying about guests getting between venues in bad weather, you could have the ceremony and reception from the same place.

Dressing Up 

Then, of course, there’s finding the dress. Maybe you’ve got a set idea in mind of long-sleeves and high necklines. However, there are no rules you have to follow. It’s your dress and you can do what you want. There are so many winter wedding dresses out there. A fun element you can play with is sequins, even though it’s dark you’ll have plenty of candlelight and you’ll be glowing in the room. Complete your look with a statement coat. 

Remember it’s your wedding: it’s about celebrating you and your partner. Do what feels right for the two of you, and celebrate with those closest to you. What would you do for a winter wedding?