10 Most Exaggerating Europe Travelling Myths Debunked


Many travelers head to Europe for vacations every year. These visitors have some sketchy idea about how it will be.  But, the fact is, most of this information is based on myths which are not correct by any means. If you’ve planned your next holidays in Paris or London, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve busted some of the most common myths associated with the travelling to Europe:

Myth – Flying in Europe is Extremely Pricey

The general misconception about planning vacations in Europe is that you should save hefty amount in terms of air fare. Considering the ascending Euro prices, this concept obviously makes a perfect sense. But luckily, there are many budget airlines available these days that introduce reasonable fares and discounted tickets for various European tourist destinations. Especially, if you choose to travel out of season, you can grab some amazingly economical yet comfortable options for yourself. 

Myth – Trains are Better Substitute for Buses

There is no denying the fact that the train journey is one of the most joyous experiences one can ever have while traveling in Europe, but that doesn’t mean it’s always worth it. For instance, there are cases when certain cities are not properly linked with each other via train route, meaning you’ll be left with no other option except to opt for buses and local transport.

Myth – You Can Save Money by Opting for a Train Journey

To some extent this myth is correct, but obviously not all destinations are alike. For example, if you want to travel from one corner of the city to the other, you have to pay a lot in terms of train fares. 

Myth – Europe itself is Very Costly

Okay, so we all know European countries are expensive and you should have ample cash in your wallet to meet with traveling, accommodation and other expenditures. But, one thing travelers often neglect is that there are many affordable options available that can help you have wonderful holidays in your budget.

For instance, you can save money on accommodation by renting a room in any hostel instead of an expensive resort. Similarly, transportation costs can be curtailed by selecting group travel. You can save substantial amount by enjoying local delicacies available on the street rather than throwing cash on fancy, extravagant restaurants and the possibilities are literally endless.

Even in the costly cities like London, you can find plenty of options for yourself and that too without spending a penny. For instance, there are hundreds of parks, landmarks and museums where you can spend quality time without breaking your bank.

Myth – You Can Get Better Exchange Rate in Your country

Well, it entirely depends on the country. But generally if you carry international currency and get it exchanged at your destination you’d get better rates. However, make sure you get this currency exchange part done from a reliable exchanger as there are some cities like Prague where currency exchange scams are normal.

Myth – Everybody Understands English

Wrong. Although, many Europeans can understand basic sentences in English, you really need to work on local languages as well if you want to communicate well with the natives. 

Myth – You can Use Euros Everywhere

Noticeably, only 25 European countries use Euros and you need to have other currencies if you’re planning to visit other regions too. UK is the biggest example. Also, you’ll have to use other currencies like Francs, Crowns and Krona if you plan to visit Switzerland, Czech Republic and Sweden respectively.

Myth – All Restaurants in Europe are Smoke-Free

While anti-smoking legislation [1] has promulgated throughout Europe, still there are many countries where restaurants can be very smoky – Austria and Greece are just to name a few. Also, many Eastern European countries don’t pay attention to anti-smoking laws.

Myth – You will be Safe

The general misconception about European countries is that they are very safe for the tourists. As these countries have strict laws and regulations [2], people coming from other countries believe they don’t need any extra protection. However, the fact is, there are many areas in the European regions where crime rate is significantly high and you have to be extremely careful especially if you’re traveling without a group.

Myth – You Can Buy Anything on the Go

Yes, you can buy anything from the streets and from the local stores only if you have infinite cash in hand. Shopping in Europe is generally a pricey affair and thus it is recommended to take everything you need in your luggage [3] to avoid extra shopping.

Final Words

With plenty of amazing options ranging from beautiful landscapes to artistic museums and breathtaking European villages, Europe is an amazing place to visit. Just make sure to do some research beforehand to avoid trouble. The key to successful and memorable trips is proper planning. So, be certain to have sufficient information in hand before you leave for your first or next Europe trip.

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