20 Salon Social Media Marketing Tips & Strategies


Every business knows that social media like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter, are very potent marketing tools. Businesses can engage with potential, new, and existing customers, reach out to a lot of people, and build reputation among netizens through likes, shares, and positive feedback. Use the following strategies so that your social media hair salon marketing plan can be successful.

A reliable salon software like Salon Life can boost the effectiveness of your social medial hair salon marketing. The Salonlife software is a marketing tool that can be integrated to your social media account and aid in simple tasks such as sending notifications on Facebook for upcoming appointments. 

To utilize your beauty salon to its fullest potential, follow these following tips:

Use the best salon software

To be more effective, you must find a salon software that complements your social media marketing strategy. SalonLife is a very efficient salon software that can be integrated with your salon’s social media account. Not only does it increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies but is also a spa software and salon booking software that increases the efficiency of your salon’s operations. Be sure to check out SalonLife and take advantage of its free trial to test all of its premium features.

Use Facebook To Its Full Potential

With millions of users all around the globe, Facebook is the ultimate social medium to bolster your hair salon marketing campaign. You can maximize the use of Facebook by:

Posting a Lot of Pictures

Post before and after pics, how the service is done, or different hairstyles that your salon thrives on. You can post your salon’s interior, the staff, and other stuff that are relevant to your salon.

Posting Relevant Articles

Posts should be related to your products and services and can induce readers to try out your salon. DIYs, tips, and to do’s articles are the most engaging content you can post on your Facebook account.

Facebook Promos

Everyone loves freebies! Especially if all they have to do is to like, share, and comment hashtags. Facebook raffles and contests such as ‘best picture’ or ‘best caption’ can also increase your engagement and make your hair salon marketing campaign a success.

Constant Interaction

Make sure to utilize the messaging and commenting channels of Facebook to reach out to customers. Always reply to comments and messages be it positive or negative. 

Use Facebook Ads 

By using Facebook Ads, you can target a specific demography, a particular niche, to market your product and services. Through Facebook Ads, you can direct your beauty salon marketing strategy into, let’s say, people that love particular hairstyles, or people that are fond of a detailed service that you have. 

Managing your own pay-per-click advertising campaigns can be a tedious task. For this reason, partnering with a ppc management agency such as Marketing1776 can ensure that you always have profitable pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Marketing1776 offers attorney marketing services to prestigious law firms but is also a good choice for large beauty salons.

Like and Share Incentives

When what you post on Facebook is not interesting enough to get likes and shares, you can resort to giving out incentives for people that like and share your posts. It can be as simple as a discount or a free treatment upgrade for those that like and share your page.

Join Groups and Communities

This is an effective means of targeting a specific niche or demographic. Join hair salon groups so that you know that most of them are looking for salon services and you can also see competitors and gain an edge over them.


With millions of subscribers, Instagram allows users to post pictures with captions and hashtags.  At first glance, there is not much businesses can get from this app since its main platform runs on pictures. But using Instagram the right way can result in customer retention and growth of the salon business.

Post Relevant Pictures

You can post before and after pictures of your customers, post pictures of your equipment and work area, or anything that can entice potential customers to visit and try out your salon.

Get Updated on Trends

Spend time on researching the latest trends so that you would not get left behind. On Instagram, trends are everything!

Use Hashtags Wisely

It is the hashtags that keep the Instagram salon marketing strategy work. An example of using it wisely is by adding your location to the hashtag so that people that are looking for your salon in that particular area can be led to you. Another means of using it effectively is by using trending hashtags and adding a photo of a service or product you have related to the hashtag.


Your Instagram page should have a feel-good and fun atmosphere around it. Use quirky hashtags and post fun stuff once in a while, All the while being relevant to your brand. Quotes and memes can exude quirkiness to your page.

Instagram Giveaways

Give premium to those customers that share their experience on your salon. You can give them discounts, freebies, and more just for sharing their photos with certain hashtags that are relevant to your salon.

Instagram Contests

The is a great means of increasing followers on IG. Think of a contest that would entice customers or would be customers to post pictures of them with relevant hashtags. For example “Post your great hair with the hashtag #GreatHairDay and get a chance to win  a free haircut with hot oil treatment”.

Instagram Promos

Very easily, you can post promotions on IG so that your customers are updated on what’s new. Better yet, make the promotions IG exclusive that customers should show the post to the staff to acquire the promotion.


Another great means of reaching out to customers is by twitter. Here are another seven tips on using Twitter as an effective means of hair salon advertising.

Post Links to your Facebook Page / Website

It could be a post about a specific product or service that your Salon offers with a link to your Facebook page or website so that your followers can see all your services.

Post Relevant Articles

Aside from putting links to your site, you can also put links to articles that are relevant to your salon. Make sure that the articles are interesting and can induce your followers to have something done.


Just like Facebook and IG, twitter also heavily relies on hashtags for targeting a specific set of people or making posts unique. Use this for contests, or to point out your salon’s location.

Perfect Timing

Be sure to post timely so that most people can see it and do something about it such as book for an appointment. A twit during the night or weekends are more effective than twits during the middle of the workday.

Twitter Offers

Aside from Facebook and IG exclusive offers, have offers exclusive to twitter followers as well to encourage people to follow you on twitter.

Encourage Retweets

Just like giving incentives to those that like and share your page in Facebook and IG, give something to those that retweet your posts.

Bundle Deals

Use twitter to make people bring their friends over for services. This can allow those friends to also follow you on your twitter account and know more about your products and services.

By following these simple, yet powerful salon marketing strategies you can elevate your beauty salon above the competition. Be sure to implement some of these strategies to see how these seemingly small things will result in your salon growth.

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