3 Things You Should Know If You Want To Work As Household Staff


With more families’ everyday lives returning to normal, they, in turn, look to welcome back or hire additional household staff to help assist and get through their every day.

Working for a private household can be very rewarding, with positions ranging from chauffeurs to ladies maids, groundskeepers and drivers. However, in modern times, the role of household personnel has changed and become more modernised.

There’s not only more expectation and responsibility bestowed upon you as becoming a domestic household worker is no longer a way of life but a viable career decision.

Below, we discuss three things you should know about the new age household staff in 2021 and the expectations, responsibilities, and processes you can expect.

1. It Is Now A Multi-Faceted Role 

Although COVID restrictions are legally lifted, many households are still looking to minimise staff required to one home.

This is not only in direct response to COVID either. Over the years, some professions and typical roles within a house are becoming obsolete as households hire one individual who can combine and complete many roles and responsibilities.

 For example, modern butlers will now be expected to do much more than just greeting guests and taking care of the drinks at a dinner party but also can now be expected to cook, housekeep, clean and complete various handyman duties.

While some job roles are becoming obsolete on the other hand, due to the changing lifestyle, new positions are appearing. ​House manager jobs, PA, family office members, personal shopper or personal trainer jobs are becoming more popular, and the demand for such staff is rising every day.

2. The Level Of Professionalism Has Never Been Higher

In modern times, the role of household personnel has become somewhat prestigious. After completing the course, several schools and institutions provide specific training and certificates and diplomas that you can put on your CV.

Before applying to a position, it’s strongly recommended that you take the time to learn about the positions and actively seek these new opportunities for additional training and certification to hone your skills and be the best-qualified person available.

The competition has also never been tougher. With all the certifications and training available for household positions, the expectation for the level of service is high. It is common to employ a luxury restaurant chef as a family cook or a housekeeper from a 5-star hotel for a private house or estate.

This is also where a household staff agency comes in. With experience in placing candidates in households that suit their lived experiences, an agency can make all the difference in your search for the right household staff position. 

3. Find The Right Boss

There is as much work as you can to ensure you are the perfect employer and a viable candidate for a household staff position. It is also just as essential to ensure that whatever household you work for or family is just as much a match for you as it is for them. 

Ultimately you will be spending most of your time (and in some cases all of your time if hired for a live-in position) working for and alongside one particular family. So it is essential you choose a family that you connect with, get along with, and work for with a positive mental attitude.

If you are unsure what to expect or have more questions and the expectations from working as household staff, reach out to a private staffing agency with your concerns to see if the role is right for you. 

If, however, you are looking for a career in which you are entrusted with high stake responsibilities and rewarding benefits, as well as working alongside familiar faces day-to-day, a career in household staffing could be for you. 

Why not consider signing up to a household staff agency? This way, they can assist you in not only ensuring your resume is highly polished and suitable for the position you’re looking for but use their expertise in finding the right placement for you.