4 Ways You Can Reduce The Cost of Literally Any Overseas Travel Trip


If you want or need to travel overseas but are intimidated by the large cost of doing so, don’t feel stressed out.

Yes, traveling may be a little expensive, but that doesn’t at all mean that there aren’t ways that you can reduce the costs of your trip.

Here are the top four ways that you can reduce the cost of literally any overseas travel trip:

1 – Choose Your Flights Carefully

A common piece of advice when it comes to traveling is to book your flights as early as possible, and there’s certainly a lot of truth to that statement.

In fact, booking your flights several months ahead of time will do much to lower the cost of your airfare, especially when it comes to international travel. Watch the ever changing airfare prices like a hawk and when you find a good deal, go for it quickly before someone else snatches it.

2 – Find The Cheapest Remittance Service You Can

Remittance services allow you to exchange your money into the currency of another country. It’s always a wise idea to carry cash in the currency of whatever country you are traveling to for emergencies or for situations where your credit card may not be accepted.

There are two expenses that you will incur when exchanging money with a remittance service and those are the percentage fee for making the exchange as well as a small percentage of the exchange rate.

The best advice to find the cheapest remittance service possible will be to simply seek out one with a low fee as well as a guaranteed exchange rate (as the rate is always fluctuating).

3 – Make Your Own Food Whenever You Can

Food is an example of an expense that may seem small but that adds up very quickly. You can cut down on foot costs by staying at hotels that serve a complimentary free breakfast, as well as buying your own groceries from local supermarkets to make your own food as much as possible.

If you do choose to eat out at restaurants (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing so, since eating out at new places is always fun), you can use apps such as Yelp to locate one that are affordable for you.

4 – Pack Light

The price of having checked luggage just seems to be going up and up each year. Some airlines will allow one free bag, but then charge as much as a hundred dollars or more for the next one.

Your best bet to save cash would be to only use a carry-on bag and travel light. If you do have an extra bag and you’re on a tight budget, you’ll want to confirm your selected airline(s) either allow a free checked bag or allow it for a low cost.

Traveling Overseas

Reducing the costs of traveling overseas should be a big priority for anyone who has a tight budget and needs or wants to travel to another country. If that includes you, then you’ll definitely want to put the above tips to good usage.