5 Plus Size Influencers You Should Be Following


If you’re not following any plus size influencers on social media, it’s time to hit that follow or subscribe button and get with the program! These top five plus size influencers are not only showcasing some of the best plus size fashion in the industry today but are also paving the way for a new and improved beauty standard; with a bold look and a positive attitude to match. Here are five plus size influencers you should be following. 

  1. Kellie Brown 

Featured by prestigious companies such as the plus size womens clothing e-tailer 11 Honore, Kellie Brown is nothing less than the advocate for plus size fashion and body positivity. With over 80,000 followers on Instagram and her own website, Kellie has made quite the name for herself in the plus size industry and continues to grow as a social media influencer. 

With a simple message that plus size women are awesome, Kellie discusses everything from fashion to the politics of the fashion industry and why it needs to change to accommodate the plus size niche. You won’t find any apologetics here; only a genuine concern for the well-being of her fellow plus size ladies and a mission to make the world more accepting of those with bigger body sizes and shapes. 

  1. Jessica Torres

With over 100,000 followers on Instagram and counting, this plus size fashion icon and blogger is paving the way for a new and improved fashion world. Her work with Revelist skyrocketed her to fame as an important voice in the plus size fashion industry. The 28-year-old influencer shows no signs of slowing down as her blog and her Instagram continue to garner success, and it’s easy to see why. 

Torres has no shortage of love for body positivity and the message it sends to women of all sizes. Everything you need to know about plus size fashion, beauty, and positivity can be found on her website, itsjessicatorres.com. It’s always so amazing to see younger women stepping up to the plate in the fashion world to help carry the torch of body positivity and empowerment all the way into the future. We’re with you, Jessica! 

  1. Bianca Charlotte

Next on our list is the fabulous Ms. Bianca Charlotte, a body positivity and diversity advocate in the world of fashion from Rhode Island. You can find her various writings on the subject on her website, charlottebellafab.com. This champion of inclusive fashion has a YouTube, Instagram, her own website, and plenty to say in regards to fashion and beauty standards. 

In fact, in a recent article on her site, Bianca describes her trip to a mall and the frustration that followed regarding the lack of choices for plus size ladies. In the article, titled Enough, The Plus Size Community Needs More From Retailers!, the plus size advocate had this to say: 

“Why the lack of variety? Don’t you think we as plus sizes deserve a physical space to shop? It seems the response is ‘We don’t care’. That is exactly what your brand is saying when only has 2 racks of plus size clothing. The lack of compromise, attention, and equality in the plus size fashion industry is very disappointing. And I’m not going to accept it anymore.”

If you want to get behind an influencer with a strong voice, passionate attitude, and love for ladies of all sizes, Bianca is your girl! 

  1. Stephanie Yeboah

The multi-award-winning writer, blogger, and plus size advocate Stephanie Yeboah should definitely be on your list of influencers to follow this year. She’s written for Elle magazine, GQ, and more, and has her own website and an Instagram with over 40,000 followers. With a strong voice and a passion for inclusivity and plus size advocacy, Stephanie has made quite a name for herself in the fashion industry and beyond. 

Stephanie gives no apologies for her personality, her body shape, or her message. She’s been at it for a few years now, gathering a decent following and showing no signs of slowing down. We’re certain Stephanie will continue to grow as the body positivity movement gains traction. 

  1. Margot Meanie 

Margot is one of the more eccentric influencers on our list, and that’s what we love about her. From her one-of-a-kind attitude to her rebellious fashion sense, Margot has everything you want in a plus size advocate and then some. The 34-year-old Canadian plus size fashionista and advocate has her own blog and is a freelance writer and social media manager as well. 

Margot’s “break all the rules” attitude has benefited her to the tune of about 64,000 followers on Instagram and growing. If you’re not following this sassy fashionista yet, head on over to her Instagram or website and hit that subscribe button!