5 Reasons Why Every Living Room Should Have a Floor Lamp


You probably spend a lot of time in your living room, which is appropriate given the name. When you’re making your house a home, it pays to consider the mood that you want to create in such a paramount space through lighting. Do you have a strict allegiance to your design scheme and accept only light fixtures that reflect this? Are you trying to create a complex space full of cozy nooks ideal for intimate groups of guests?

When you’re considering how to curate the right mood in your main room, you can’t just pepper in random points of illumination as an afterthought. All your careful color coordination, furniture shopping, and Feng Shui will be for naught if you can’t achieve the right depth of lighting to pull it all together.

We firmly believe that every living room needs at least one floor lamp, and here are five key reasons why:

Simple to Integrate

We’re not talking about whipping out the power drill and trying to install complicated track lighting. A floor lamp is a low-hassle way to add another layer of radiance into the mix in addition to the ambient lighting you already have in place. The most complicated it gets is screwing in a new lightbulb from time to time, which makes integrating one easy as pie.

Look Up or Down

When we think of floor lamps, we often think of down-facing lighting that illuminates our favorite spot on the couch or chair. Thanks to the sheer versatility, you can also brighten up dull corners or draw people’s eyes upward. As a Forbes lifestyle contributor points out, torchieres and other models that focus their glow upwards can add dimension to any room.

Task Lighting Galore

When you’re unwinding in your living room, you’re not just staring aimlessly at the wall. This is the place to do some of your favorite activities, whether you’re an avid reader, completer of crossword puzzles, or like to host weekly game night. Task lighting is crucial to illuminate a small area well enough so you can go about your business without eye strain.

For example, these arc floor lamps from Lumens overhang furniture like tables, chairs, couches, and more so you can get a concentrated visual on your hobbies. With strategic placement, you will not have to turn on all your general and ambient light sources just to be able to see what’s in front of you.

Easy to Move Around

Whether you want to freshen up your space every few months or are taking your beloved living room set to a new place across town, you’ll thank yourself for choosing a portable option. While some other sources remain screwed into the wall or ceiling, your floor lamp can travel anywhere within reasonable distance of an outlet.

Adds to Décor Scheme

Many lamps come with a lampshade, which is always a fun way to express your design taste. As the experts at Houzz advise, the style matters just as much as the color. For modern or transitional looks, a drum shape works well. For a romantic or refined look, try a fluted shade. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Even if you opt for a sleek model without an overt color or shade, each one still has a definitive shape that can express your desired look. From pharmacy-style to tower, you can choose a piece that tells your story.

It’s less about the specific type of task lighting you choose, and more about the fact that every living room can use at least one tall lamp to call attention to favorite spots. Now that you have the above reasons as justification, go out and curate the mood you want for your living room!