7 Lifestyle Changes to Make Before the New Year


With the holidays fast approaching, you may find yourself asking what New Year’s resolutions you will choose this year. But, why wait? Instead of implementing them in the New Year, try these seven lifestyle changes now so you can ring in 2017 as a happy and healthier you.

Drop Those Extra Pounds

While we all want to look good and be able to wear whatever we want, there are much more important reasons to get to and maintain an appropriate body weight.  The most important reason is to have a healthy heart.  Heart disease affects more than half a million people and is one of the most preventable health complications.  Start by determining your ideal weight for your body and come up with a plan to reach your goal.

Hit the Gym

Not only will exercise help you lose weight, it can also positively affect your health in a number of ways. Exercise helps with breathing, muscle strength and flexibility, and heart health.  Exercise also can help elevate your mood, help regulate your sleep cycle, and prevent fatigue.

Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

Too often, we focus on dieting and calorie counting instead of simply eating healthy.  While it is important to not regularly exceed an average calorie limit, it is more important to make sure you are eating all the foods you need to get the proper nutrition.  Making sure to include fruits, vegetables, and lean protein in your diet is extremely important to assure your body can function properly.

Put Out the Smoke

Now is the time to quit smoking.  Quitting smoking now will not only will improve the health of your internal organs, but it will help to prevent reoccurring colds and respiratory infections that can be more prevalent during the winter months.  Quitting has never been easier with the quit smoking aids available such as taking up e-cigarettes, which help you to quit gradually, making your positive outcome more likely.  If you quit now, you may significantly improve your health before the year is up.

Make a New Friend

In addition to focusing on your physical health, you will want to do something for your social health as well. As adults, we often do not have the opportunity to make new friends outside of work.  It is important to have people in your life who challenge you mentally, are there for emotional support, and help keep you active.  While you may have some lifelong friends, often your lives can go in different directions, and while it is important to maintain old friendships, you will want to add new friends who may have more in common with you at this point in your life.

Reconnect With Your Family

With work and children, it is hard to find the time to reach out to extended members of the family.  So, reconnect with family you might have lost touch with.  You can never have too much of a family support system, so keeping in touch will not only be beneficial to you, but your loved ones as well. Whether it is sending a letter, making a quick phone call or sending an e message on social media, letting your loved ones know you are thinking of them can brighten up their day and yours as well.

Get the Right Amount of Sleep

Almost one third of adults suffer from some form of sleep deprivation.  Whether you are not getting enough hours of sleep or are getting low quality of sleep, not being properly rested can affect your whole day.  Take the time this year to assess your sleep health. Even if you have to tape the end of the game or your late night show to watch the next day, getting your proper rest will definitely make it worth it.

Finish out the year with a healthier you and start the new year feeling healthy and positive. Whilst those around you are struggling to keep on top of their new resolutions, you’ll already be well ahead of the game.