8 Final Touches For An Elegant Engagement



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Your big day is just around the corner, and you have everything planned for the perfect engagement of your dreams. Amidst the excitement, things can get stressful and little touches that can be added to your special day are often accidentally ignored or forgotten about. Since your engagement is a once in a lifetime occasion, why not go the extra mile and max out on finishing touches that will bump your engagement up to the next level of elegance? Platinum Snap have put together  the following list of ideas to jazz up your engagement.


  •    Elegant & Unique Door Gifts


Forget about the tacky and usual door gifts that are often given out at weddings and engagements – no one wants another set of bespoke teaspoons or tiny box of chocolate truffles. Add a touch of elegance to your engagement with classy door gifts such as individual portions of honey or jam in pretty glass jars, or even little flower pots that people can plant at home or keep for the rest of the year to remind themselves of your special day.

  1.     Hire A Photobooth   

Hiring a photobooth for your engagement is a fantastic way of adding some instant entertainment and a touch of glam to your event. Guests can get a fun snapshot in their fancy dresses and formalwear, and it provides them something fantastic to bring home at the end of the day. You can even get in on the fun yourself and take some quirky photos with your friends and family on your big day!

  1.   All That Glitters

Gold is THE colour to luxe up your wedding look. Decorate your event with apples covered in gold leaf, gold charger plates, and don’t forget to scatter some Ferrero Rochers around for an added touch of elegance. You could even go all out and get gold spray painted flowers as table centerpieces or gold cutlery to line the dinner tables. The options are endless.

  1.    Hire A Mixologist

Why not provide a variety of cocktails for your guests to enjoy instead of the boring old champagne that is usually served at engagements. Hire a mixologist who can prepare delicious Espresso Martinis, Whiskey Sours and a variety of other fancy cocktails for your guests to enjoy. This will be a guaranteed hit at your engagement party.

  1.   Go Lantern Crazy

Paper lanterns of various sizes, colours and shapes are a great way to create a dazzling ceiling display at your engagement. Often inexpensive, they are a simple and frugal way of bringing some added class and magic to your special day. Lanterns are easy to move around, can be used indoors or outdoors and make a beautiful decor piece with loads of impact.


  1.   Floral Letters

Floral letters of you and your partner’s initials are a great way to add some whim and fancy to your engagement. Inexpensive, customisable and available in a variety of colours and choices, you will be spoilt for choice when choosing your very own floral letters. Not only is this a beautiful touch to the day, but it is definitely something that will impress your guests!

  1.   Wedding Hashtag Signs

In this day and age, a wedding or engagement that doesn’t have a hashtag of its own is unheard of. Hashtags are a great way for your friends and family to have a look at all your photos and posts about your big day. What better way to remind them of your personalised hashtag than to create beautiful printable hashtag signs that you can place on tables or even hang up at the event? So much impact for so little cost!

  1.   Hire A DJ

Forget about worrying about what music to play on the big day – you already have a hundred things to think about! Hiring a DJ eradicates any stress of creating a playlist or having to decide on the best music to play at your engagement. DJ’s will keep the party going and you don’t have to worry about a thing – they also pick some of the best music so you’ll be guaranteed a great night of tunes.


With these final touches kept in mind, we are sure that your engagement will be one of the most elegant and memorable ones that people will be chatting about even months after the party has ended!