Man Bulls Toreador Black Arenas Bullfight

Spain, the European country full of diverse terrain and varied cultures, has been alluring travellers from all over the world for many years. The beautiful islands, endless coastline, beautiful architecture, marvellous festivals and the energetic cities make Spain one of the best places in the world to travel to. No matter where in Spain you travel to, be it Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or any of the other places, you can be sure to not run out of things to do. Just book one of the mansions in Spain and get yourself over to this fun and happening country to enjoy one of the most fun-filled holidays you have ever been to. And if you are looking for some ideas on what to do when you reach Spain, here are eight things which you must try out when you spend your holidays here.

1. Experience the bullfights

Bullfighting has been a long and old part of Spanish culture. The people of Spain have been enjoying this brutal game for over a thousand years. Cities like Madrid and Andalusia still organises bullfighting tournaments regularly, especially during the summer months. And the popularity of this bullfights is huge. In fact, booking a ticket to one of these fights is quite a difficult feat to achieve. All of the seats of the stadium generally remain full by curious travellers and locals. When you travel to Spain, you must not miss out on experiencing this once in a lifetime opportunity. The energy of the stadium is truly eccentric and the bullfight is a brutal, one of a kind experience which you have to experience for yourself.

Man Bulls Toreador Black Arenas Bullfight

2. Go for a Flamenco show

Originated from various folkloric music traditions found in Southern Spain, the Flamenco is truly a unique art-form in our modern day. This genre of music and dance originated over two centuries ago. The city of Seville and Madrid are known for the wonderful Flamenco shows one can experience there. You must buy yourself a ticket to one of these shows and see this beautiful art form while you are in Spain.

3. Eat some tapas

Tapa plays a huge part in the everyday life of Spanish people. It is essentially an appetizer or a snack or a small portion of any type of Spanish food. People in Spain swear by their tapas and enjoy them every time they go for a drink or for some light snack. There are an uncountable number of tapas bars in almost every city of Spain, and these bars are a great place to enjoy some beautiful food while interacting with the locals. However, if you want to enjoy the best of the tapas that you can find in Spain, then you must travel to the city of Seville, Granada or San Sebastian. You can meet a lot of great people and learn about the Spanish culture on a more hands-on the way over some plates of tapas at a Spanish tapas bar.

4. Visit La Sagrada Familia

The most iconic landmark of Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia is hard to miss when you visit this city. This huge structure sits right in the middle of Barcelona, and you need to pay this magnificent site a visit when you spend your days in Spain. It is an unfinished work by famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. It is still not completed and it is anticipated that the whole project will be finished by 2026. However, even the part which is completed is still an architectural marvel. The part of the building which was Gaudi’s own work is also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. Explore the art museums at Madrid

Spain has one of the largest collections of European art. One of the best places where you can see these artworks for yourself in Madrid. The capital city of Spain houses a lot of very significant and important artworks in its museums. Two of last century’s most prominent artists were from Spain, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. At the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia museum, you can see both of their work. Also remember to visit Museo del Prado, where you can see the works of famous artists like El Greco, Goya and Velazquez.

6. Relax at the beaches

Spain is blessed with some of the best beaches in the whole world. Be it the relaxing beaches at Majorca, or the less crowded beaches of Tenerife, or the ever so popular beaches of Barcelona, or the beaches full of activities at Ibiza, you will surely find a beach as per your liking when you visit Spain. The beaches of Spain have a life of their own, and you have to spend at least one whole day at one of the beaches while you are in this country. Spend your day sunbathing, eating at the seaside restaurants and cafes, taking a relaxing dip in the water or enjoy the various activities going on at the beach.

7. Party at Ibiza

The island of Ibiza is one of the most popular islands in the whole world. Famous for its nightlife and parties, it will be a shame if you come to Spain for your vacation and do not visit Ibiza. There are a lot of clubs and pubs where you can visit to have a good time. You can also head over to the beach, spend your time enjoying at one of the beach parties and make a lot of new friends.

8. Enjoy Spanish cuisine

Spain is known all over the world for the beautiful cuisine it enjoys. Starting from beautiful seafood to awesome sausages to magnificent wines, the Spanish cuisine has a lot to offer. In fact, the food of Spain varies a lot from one region to another. But no matter which region you visit, you can always be sure to find some amazing food waiting for you. Be it the authentic Paella or the chilled Gazpacho, the filling Tortilla or the mouthwatering Jamon, Spanish cuisine is something which you truly have to experience with all of your senses while you spend your days in Spain.