9 places in Croatia that you definitely should visit on a sailing trip


Croatia is known for its coastlines. You can rent a boat in any harbour you prefer and travel for weeks or even months seeking for more precious places. And you’ll never get tired because there’s plenty of them. Marvellous wild beaches, calm turquoise bays or lovely ancient villages you’ve never thought still exist on the map — you can see all of this even during one week in Croatia (good choice will be rental service Sailica).

Dalmatia is a Croatian historical region which is rich for all types of sightseeing. Here, you may find more almost a thousand islands and cays along the Croatian coast, most of them uninhabited. Dalmatia usually divides into three parts: Northern, Middle and Southern. The Southern destination is the most popular: warm climate allows you to use the preferences of Croatia yachting from May till early October. Small ships are uniquely suited to southern parts and coastal travel, as they offer travelers the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in their surroundings. On a catamaran charter in Croatia, travelers can enjoy the country’s dramatic coastline at their own pace, stopping to swim, fish, or simply soak up the sun at any time. And at night, they can anchor in a secluded cove and enjoy the peace of the Croatian coast under a blanket of stars. But the other two have their own wild, natural beauty with forests, lakes and ruins of past civilisations beginning from ancient Greeks and Romans.

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The largest island in Dalmatia and the third largest in Adriatic, Brač has an ideal viewpoint: Vidova Gora mountain (780 m). It seems you may see half of the Croatian coast from here, even Split and Trogir cities.

Zlatni Rat beach is another thing you should definitely sail here for. It is a bright white stripe descending far from the shore to blue water depths. The beach looks fantastically from above and is especially loved by kiters and windsurfers because of strong winds blowing. Just keep in mind it can be a little bit crowded during high season Croatia vacation.


In any travel guide, Dubrovnik stays among the most essential places to visit in Croatia. And it’s not the city’s historical part, nature or people. It’s in the atmosphere. In Dubrovnik, you appreciate not just old narrow streets or houses with bright orange roofs. It’s a whole city and the mood you get entering it.

By the way, you can surely start your sailing trip right from here. There’s an international Dubrovnik airport where you can arrive at every time of the year. And main city marina is ready to propose to you any bareboat charter you wish to start your unforgettable journey.

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Korčula Island is remarkable for two reasons. Marco Polo started his life path right from here. The island still has the house he was born in with a museum showing Marco Polo’s journeys all over the world. After visiting, go up to the fortress to watch the town below. People say it is built in the form of a fish skeleton.


Of all Сroatia beautiful places, Lastovo is the most remote one. It is a small island lost in the Mediterranean sea waters, one of 46 cays and islands of archipelago with the same name. Not far from today, these lands were closed for any foreign tourists. Today, the island is still not as overcrowded as some traditional Croatian sightseeings. That is why it is considered to be a perfect place to sail Croatia during yacht charter vacations.

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The main attraction of Mljet Island is an island situated on it. That’s right, it is an island inside an island. The secret hides in one of the island lakes which has an island on it — and doubtless you must see this natural wonder.

Besides that, Mljet has many fortresses and Roman palace ruins. Many people say they are even more picturesque than the ones situated in Split. That’s why it is so popular in Croatia sailing trips.


Most Croatian sailboat charters start their journey from Split, the very centre of these coasts. The city has several marinas, so you can easily book here sailboat, catamaran or motorboat in advance and sail to any direction.

Besides the middle-ages environment, Split has all kinds of historical sightseeings beginning from Roman invasion. In the previous times, it belonged to Greeks, Byzantines, Venetians, Ottomans, French people, Austrians and Yugoslavs before becoming Croatian.

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First thing you feel arriving in Trogir: you’re in a gigantic open-air museum. The town is smaller than Split. Thus you’ll meet fewer guide tours on its streets. And it is open to sailing charters which is absolutely awesome! Let you get lost yourself in a town with over 2,000 years of history, admire architecture built in different epochs, sit in excellent old-fashioned restaurants or cafes — and you’ll never want to leave this small place.


This place is known for its silent coves, pebble beaches and ancient wineries. So, you can plan to visit it during one of the sailing vacations to taste local wine and to relax in calm, clear blue waters. Stepping on steep, shadowed ways from one stone village to another, you drown in smells of pines, fresh grapes, and lavender and think: could it be possible if the Croatia holidays lasted forever?


If you search for calmness and full soul relaxation, visit Šolta Island. It offers you impeccable silent rest from bustling city noises. On your sailing holidays, you can anchor close to the island and spend here all day watching tranquil waters moving slowly around you.

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During just one yacht week Croatia will surprise you with its wonders. This country is too exciting to pass it through in several days. Imagine what will happen if you plan to go sailing on holidays for two or more weeks!