A Quick 5-Step Guide to Get Millennial To Book Your Hotel


It’s believed that you know that Millennial represent the world’s largest consumer group, today. They love to travel, preferably solo, stay in hotels and affordable accommodations. There comes the greatest opportunity for your hotel business to thrive by catering to this audience.

Here’s a quick 5-step guide to get Millennial to book your hotel and become your loyal customers:

  1. Optimize your booking channels

Today, if you’re in online business, you need to make sure all your online channels are up to date. Let’s go through all your online channels – your website (primary channel), social media accounts, and online booking system – that must be active and must not take more than a minute to turn out productively.

Besides, if all of the above channels are not driving enough traffic for bookings, you need to optimize your channels. In other words, you are simply losing your customers and your competitors are making most of this situation.

The following is a list of to-dos that you need to make sure is done. 

  • Audit your website for Millennial and make the necessary changes (if required). Also, make sure your website is mobile-friendly to get your share of 46% of online travel bookings through mobile devices.
  • Explore the market and integrate a Millennia’s booking management system that ensures a user-friendly, speedy online booking experience.
  • Make sure your website has sharable links to all popular social media platforms.
  1. Offer Millennials’s specific deals

Today, the spending power of Millennial is increasing like the fire in a forest. When it comes to travel-related expensed, they look out for hot deals. You need to understand that this customer base is loyal and can be a win over by offering great offers.

The best or rather tried-and-tested-productive method is to offer loyalty programs with appealing rewards to Millennial. According to this method, simply offer reward points and discounts on their future bookings with your hotel.

  1. Aim at Solo traveling Millennials

Unlike back in the 90s, Millennial like to travel alone and the mark has reached as high as 37% worldwide. This brings the idea of designing booking packages for these solo travelers at competitive prices. If possible, also provide services like Spa, organize a communal area where all such individuals can interact and get to know each other.

The idea of organizing a food camp and other local activities is also helpful when we talk about Millennial. To be the best hospitality management company worldwide, do what your customers want as a practice to allure them.

  1. Bring more Instagrammability

If you’re into an online business today, you must be aware of the reality that states Instagram is your go-to platform. This photo-sharing mobile platform can tie your millennial customer base with your service.

Provide this very audience with perfect Instagrammable moments and your customer base shall prosper.

  1. Gather Feedback and Keep in Touch

The business of a hotel is not just a one-time business. It’s a never-ending transaction that you need to convert in the right manner, at the right time. This also means that you need to keep in touch with your Millennial customers to make them visit again as well as bring more individuals along.

You can simply make them like your Facebook page or follow your Instagram handle and tag them on different event photos. Also, ask them to submit their feedback on these social platforms.

You can also put different offers into their mailboxes or mobiles to allure them.


Today, Millennials are the most demanding customers in every online business. All they want is the best services/products at competitive prices. The best thing about this audience is that you can allure it by effective marketing strategies like offers and discounts. Once you understand and find the perfect way to do that, you have established a strong customer base.