Average Cost of a Wedding Tops $30,000: How to Make It Cheaper


When you first become engaged, the excitement of the moment is all you’re thinking about. As it starts to sink in that you are engaged, which means you will need to plan a wedding, financial reality tends to set in. Weddings are a huge industry and, with that said, people spend an awful lot on the “most important day of their lives”. In fact, according to statistics, the average wedding in the United States now costs $30,000.

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RLet that number just sink in for a moment – $30,000! That money could pay for a car, be the start of a great down payment on a house, or it could be enough to pay off any debt you have. It’s just an awful lot of money any way you look at it. So, if you’re not willing or able to shell out that kind of money on your wedding, the good news is that you don’t have to. There are plenty of ways that you can still have a beautiful, romantic, and “perfect” wedding without spending a fortune. Here are some money-saving tips that can help you out.

Have an Outdoor Wedding

One of the most expensive parts about the wedding is the venue. Venue prices can eat up the majority of your budget depending where you book, which means you can easily hit that $30,000 average in no time. Rather than picking a traditional hall or conference center, why not go for something more low key and much more budget-friendly such as an outdoor wedding?

There are plenty of places that you can pick as the outdoor location such as a parent’s or friend’s backyard, a local park, or even greenspace. With an outdoor wedding, there will be some unique considerations to keep in mind such as renting a portable bathroom for guests to use on-site, a temporary catering station set-up for food preparation, seating for guests, and a dancefloor.

Keep the Guest List Slim

Another money-saving tip is to keep the guest list slim. You have probably heard of those weddings with hundreds of guests. While that is all fine, the fact is for every guest you invite, the cost of the wedding increases. Keeping the guest list as just family and close friends can keep the budget in check.

Make It Cocktails and Appetizers Rather than a Meal

Rather than hold an evening reception complete with a huge seven course dinner, why not bump up the wedding and hold things earlier in the day? Instead of a dinner, you can host an appetizer and cocktail reception. This still gives everyone a chance to mingle and celebrate, but your catering bill will be a fraction of what it would be for a meal.

Have a Friend Act as the Photographer

Photography is another huge expense on your wedding day, but at the same time, it’s not something you are willing to go without. At the end of the day, the pictures are what will remain of the wedding, so you want to be sure you’ve got some. So why not ask a trusted friend to act as the photographer?

All of these tips will help you to bring down the cost of your wedding significantly, yet you won’t have to make sacrifices to the day itself.