Bali – a lovers paradise & the ultimate honeymoon destination in the world


Since forever, Bali is one of the most exotic places in the world and in the last decades, this gorgeous little island in the gigantic archipelago of Indonesia has become a place where love birds from all over the world seek refuge. Couples on romantic island getaways and newlyweds on their honeymoon fly over to ‘the island of a thousand temples’ for the most amazing love trips to cherish forever. What is it about Bali that makes it a lovers paradise?  

Well, for starters, Bali certainly is a magical place where Gods and spirits rule the land and the sea. Are the Gods in your favour? Prepare to get on your knees and pop the big question if you haven’t already. Bali is a place where ancient traditions meet modern-day luxuries and it is a true paradise in every sense of the word. There is no island like Bali and all romantic couples out there know it. Bali is the ultimate honeymoon destination!

Out of all the thousands of islands in the ocean of the world… why choose Bali for your honeymoon? Here’s some food for thought:

  1. Bali is an amazingly diverse honeymoon destination

Bali is a small island, only a fraction of neighbouring island Java and yet, it is amazingly diverse. In Bali, you get everything: classic paradise beaches with soft white sands and the clearest blue sea but also gorgeous black-sand beaches from the nearby roaring volcanoes peaking in the clouds up high. There are emerald rice paddy fields, cascading waterfalls in the dense tropical jungle, rural villages with mystical village temples but also trendy tourist towns with world-famous beach clubs, exquisite restaurants, luxurious resorts and high-end shopping streets. You don’t even have to choose – you can experience all the good things of Bali in one holiday (or honeymoon in this case). Diversity is key! 

  1. Unique culture and traditions: Bali is exotic as can be!

The Balinese people and their culture are unique in this world and it is super exotic! Hypnotizing Gamelan music, Balinese dance performances, daily prayers to the Gods and baskets with offerings placed on the streets, on the beach, in front of temples, houses and sacred spring fountains – It doesn’t matter where you are honeymooning on the island, you will get a touch of the magic! Street parades, purification ceremonies, offerings and unique island celebrations, you just can’t miss it! Bali is a very special place and the island will find its way to ‘cast a spell’ on the two of you!


  1. Exceptionally luxurious villas and resorts

The island has got one luxurious stay after another to blow you away and you won’t believe the prices! Whether your budget is small or big, there are beautiful private pool villas in all price categories. You can sleep in a private cliff-edge villa with a fantastic infinity pool and ocean views or sleep in the jungle overlooking the river gorge – it is simply amazing and the views are breathtaking! Sleep in air-conditioned comfort, go for a swim under the moonlight or soak in an oversized bathtub with flower petals, honeymooning in Bali is quite an addictive thing to do!


  1. Unique island experiences that are very romantic

Bali is not only the island of rice paddies, beaches and temples, it is also an island of craftsman and when honeymooning in Bali, you can learn the trades of ancient traditions and it is not only fun and inspiring but also romantic. How about making each other a unique perfume blend with local herbs, spices and flowers or even better, make each other a silver ring with your very own hands? You can even design the ring yourselves and with the help of a local silversmith, the ring is made in a one-day workshop. You can also sign up for a cooking class or learn the skills of a Balinese massage therapist, really taking something of value home with your that you and your lover can enjoy for years to come.


  1. A great place to spoil yourselves

Did you ever have a Balinese massage? Well, once you’ve had one, you want it every day! Bali is the perfect place to spoil yourself! The island is home to world-class spas with gorgeous interiors and highly-skilled spa therapists. Places like Prana Spa, Bodyworks and Alila Spa – they are heavenly places where you will feel like a king and queen in paradise. The spas usually have spa packages for couples to get the full-blown Balinese spa experience and you will adore these precious hours at the spa (and come back for more again and again!).


  1. Fabulous honeymoon packages

Does it seem like a lot of work to make bookings and plan all these activities? Well luckily, there are some perfectly-designed honeymoon packages around that include overnight stays at the most fantastic 5-star resorts and private pool villas. On top of that, they usually include a personal guide and driver to get you around, dinners, spa treatments and romantic activities – it is all part of the package – all you need to do is take your lover by the hand and enjoy this unforgettable love trip to Bali. Check out this 8days/7night honeymoon package from The Seven Holiday – it even includes a bottle of wine upon arrival, flowers, candles, chocolates, afternoon tea, honeymoon cake and so much more. Falling in love was never so easy…