Bathroom Storage Solutions


The bathroom tends to be one of the most overlooked rooms in the home when it comes to storage ideas. People commonly place their items underneath the sink along with cleaning products, or they may resort to placing their things on a bathroom shelf. While these normal storage places suffice for some, there are more creative ways to store items that can help keep the bathroom more organized and cleaner.

A cute idea that surfaced recently involves using a board that has magnetic paint placed on the outer surface of it. The board can be an existing frame without the glass covering the frame, or it can be made from a piece of wood. However, the purpose of this board is to adhere it to the wall. Makeup can either be placed in metal jars or have strong magnets adhered to them so that they can fit up onto the board. This manner of makeup keeps everything viewable, out in the open and up on the wall for easy access. Makeup is less likely to break when stored in this manner, which helps to keep everything cleaner overall.

Another nice idea involves the clever use of mirrors or boxes as a means of storage. For instance, see ABLs bathroom mirrors. Shaving accessories or makeup can be stored in cute shaving cabinets and mirrors that are situated on the wall. Although mirrors serve to provide people a method for seeing their reflection, they provide personality to the bathroom through their décor and their multifunctional use. Some mirrors are equipped with a medicine cabinet while others offer deeper shelves to store larger items.

For people who don’t want to install shelves in their bathroom, people have the option of storing baskets on their walls. Baskets can store washcloths, hand towels and larger towels. Because larger towel and other items can weigh baskets down, it’s a good idea to use extra reinforcement for hanging baskets on the wall. For instance, use alligator clips to screw hooks into so that baskets won’t fall down. Different alligator clips can support variable weights.

People spend a limited amount of time in the bathroom, but it is a room that should still be enjoyed. Fill it with favorite décor. Store items in an easy-to-use manner. It’ll make morning and nighttime routines much more enjoyable, the bathroom will stay cleaner and things will be found much more easily.