A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing Suppliers


Energy is a necessity and who you decide upon using can make a big difference to the price you pay and the quality of service you receive. So, how do you pick?

  1.  Legacy Providers No Longer Rule

When choosing providers it is important to deal with the idea that the original provider of a service or item is the only provider able to offer secure, uninterrupted service.  Furthermore, you must understand that clients of legacy providers do not receive service first when power fails.  Oncor Electric Delivery providers is responsible for maintaining a transmissions system and, as such, all people will utilize Oncor Electric to manage the repairs in the area.

  1.  Changing Providers Is Good

The electric market is in a state of constant flux, which makes it a good thing to change providers on a regular basis.  This will ensure that you receive the best service available and good quality for your money.

  1.  Finding More Beneficial Deals And Saving Money Per Year With A Single Decision

Electricity is an important resource that is measured using kilowatt-hours or kwh.  If you find a provider offering a cost of eight cents per kwh as compared to the more expensive twelve cents per kwh, it is possible to reduce a monthly electricity bill by a minimum of $100.  This can be highly beneficial as a long-term investment.

  1.  Knowing The Current Provider Contract Terms

Before shopping for a new electricity provider, it is important that you understand the terms of your current provider contract.  Surprisingly enough, the majority of people do not have knowledge of their terms and are unable to detail their kwh rate when asked.  To find this information it is recommended that you check your electricity bill and speak to your provider.  It is important to see if your idea of what your electricity expenses are is correct and that they are not higher than imagined.  

The dates of a contract terms must also be considered as many people are unaware of the exact dates.  It is recommended that you contact your provider and ask for the date of expiration.  This will help with planning for a possible switch in the electricity provider, preferably one month before the contract expires.

  1.  Choose Whether You Want To Be A Gambler Or Play It Safe

It is essential that you determine whether your current contract is based on a fixed rate or a variable rate.  This is important as it will help you identify if you are able to continue with that particular type of contract and if you can afford it in the future.  For example, will you be willing to lock yourself into a fixed rate contract or would you prefer to opt for a lower price despite the variable rate potentially spiking in a poor market condition.

  1.  Perform A Thorough Provider Search

When searching for a new supplier, it is recommended that you use this website – www.powertochoose.org.  If, however, you do not have access to an internet connection it may be best to visit the public library and ask a librarian for assistance.  If you have a friend or relative willing to assist, then this may be a better and less formal option.  All you need to do is enter your ZIP code onto the website and begin searching for a supplier.  When you find an offer that you are happy with, head to the company’s website and choose the contract on offer.

  1.  Choosing Your Provider

Further in the above mentioned website, you will see a search box on the left side.  Under the ‘plan type’ area you will be able to choose between an indexed market rate and a variable option; however, the recommended alternative is a fixed rate.  This is due to the fact that the market can be highly volatile and a fixed rate is more secure.

Under the ‘price’ section, it is necessary to type in a range of price options from four cents to twelve cents.  This is merely a suggestion, but the range of eight cents is a good width for searching.

Once all the information has been filled in, pick a contract length and complete the other boxes.  Hit the ‘refresh results’ button and continue to try different combinations to find the best contract option.  It is advised that you check the provider prices regularly as they change on a frequent basis.

  1.  Review The Results

Using the selection cited above, you will find that several energy companies will show rates in the range.  Remember that the lowest rate may come from a company with a bad reputation, but more information on this issue later in the article.  A contract length will vary from 1-36 months and each of these contracts presents with “terms of service”, “special terms”, “signup”, and “facts sheets” that need to be reviewed.  When clicking on these items, you will learn details about the contract and company to ensure you are making a good commitment to a reputable provider.

  1.  Reviewing Your Favorite Option

Once you have identified a company with a contract rate and length you life, it is advised that you review the company in detail.  The best way to review the company is by doing an internet search and reading testimonials from previous clients.  It may be useful to also complete a search of the company’s Better Business Bureau report to determine their trustworthiness.