Challenges All Successful Businesses Encounter and How to Overcome Them


Everybody loves a good “rags to riches” business success story, and for lots of entrepreneurs, they’ve lived that life… The late nights and early mornings, missing out on family engagements, and people calling their idea a joke, was all worth it once these big-time entrepreneurs reached the level of success they’ve been striving for despite all the sacrifices they’ve made. But the one thing that successful entrepreneurs rarely talk about is the challenges that came with their success.


If you’re a fan of the rags to riches success stories, you may notice how the story kind of ends with a happy ending, despite them having continued success. You see, once you reach a certain level of success, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll achieve even more success if you play your cards right. 

But the thing about continued success is that nobody talks about what it’s like operating with so much success. They don’t talk about how when you make more money, you start to endure more problems. And the thing about these “problems” is that they’re not necessarily bigger or more complex problems than your previous business challenges, but more so a totally different set of problems with their own unique set of complexities.

Taboo or not, let’s dig a little deeper into the complexities and challenges you’ll endure in running a successful small business and how to overcome them.

Biggest Challenges of a Successful Business and How to Overcome Them

Meeting the Demands of Your Newly Acquired Large Customer Base

This is a challenge that any business would be happy to take on. When you start having trouble keeping up with the demands of your growing customer base, you know you’re doing something right! But don’t bask in the glory for too long… You have demands to meet!

According to Business Reality Check, just as your customers’ demands are shifting, the way your business was meeting their demands has to shift as well. Talk to your customers and engage with them if you are lost as to how you can meet their needs. Take to social platforms, email surveys, and establish trust in your brand… 

Remember, for every new customer you acquire, it’s going to require a whole new strategy to build that customer loyalty you’re experiencing, and will only continue on an upward trajectory if you keep making your customers happy.

Scaling Up to a New and Improved Business Management System

The moment you realize that the way you were running your business is no longer viable for the level of success you’ve reached, it’s going to require you to think on a bigger scale and to run your business on a bigger scale as well.

Your business could’ve started out as a hobby you enjoyed doing for people in your spare time. But all of a sudden more and more people started to take notice of it and requested more of your products, giving you the “crazy” idea to turn your hobby into a successful business.

In the beginning stages, you were probably just writing things down on paper and holding on to your receipts… But you’re in the big leagues now, so the only thing that will streamline your business processes is to upgrade those processes with business management software like JD Edwards Software.

This is going to allow you to have everything in one place for ease of access and show current data in real-time.

Broadening Your Audience

You’ve reached success but this isn’t your stopping point… Now your problem is tapping into a new market that can benefit from your products just as much as your current customer base. So how do you do that? Well, you’re going to have to scale your marketing efforts. 

Yes, posting on social media and email blasts has done wonders for you, but in order to reach a new audience, you’re going to have to switch up your marketing efforts as well. Consider influencer marketing. Reach out to an influencer that has similar values as your company and that can actually benefit from using your products. 

If that influencer likes your product and agrees to promote it, your product will be set in front of an entirely different audience and demographic of shoppers with a highly influential person putting their credibility on the line for you… Your business can truly reach the masses with influencer marketing.

You could also create a YouTube channel for your business. As the second largest search engine, YouTube is a must-visit destination for business owners looking to increase their audience reach. However, using YouTube to market your business can present challenges: if you’re just starting out, it can be challenging to get the views and engagement you need. Therefore, you’ll want to partner up with an experienced and knowledgeable YouTube expert, like Jahtna Hernandez, to create a profitable, successful YouTube channel that consistently gets views, subscribers & leads for your business.