Colds – Why the Danger Is High In the Springtime 


When it comes to colds, everyone is different. Some people are more susceptible to them than others. Some people have allergies while some people don’t. But why do most colds occur during springtime? Spring is a time when the danger of getting sick with colds and flu is high. The weather is warm, and many people are out of town or at work. That leaves more people at risk for illnesses such as colds. Here are seven reasons why the danger of colds and flu is higher during springtime.

The weather is warmer

Many people have their windows and doors open during springtime. That allows more air to flow throughout their homes and offices. The air becomes dirtier from outside as it flows through the houses and offices. Therefore, it can carry more germs into the home or office. The colder weather restricts the flow of outside air through a building during wintertime, so germs don’t spread as quickly during that season.

Many people are coming out of hibernation

Springtime people wake up from their long winter sleep and come in contact with many more people this time of year. Many come directly from their homes to the office for the first time in months. It implies that many are contagiously sick of the flu and have not yet recovered. When they arrive at work, they can quickly spread the symptoms to their co-workers, who have not been exposed to the illnesses. To protect your kids from such instances, you need well-aerated and comfortable kids clothes for them. They are spring basics and will help your children deal with the weather. If the symptoms of the flu continue, it is crucial that you visit your pediatrician.

Most people are travelling

More people are away from their home or office to finish school, take vacations, do some travelling, go on business trips, or go to work for the day in springtime compared to at other times of the year. It leaves a higher percentage of those sick at home and not contagious but still trying to recover from being sick at that time of year versus other seasons when fewer people are away either for work or school purposes. You need to learn how to protect yourself during spring.

There is limited protection left by old antibodies

The body has different protective mechanisms against bacteria and viruses called antibodies. The protective effect provided by antibodies is limited in time to prevent the body from building up a tolerance to the antibodies and losing their effectiveness. Once that time has expired, you have lost your immunity against those bacteria and viruses. That’s why it has been known for a long time that many people who get sick with colds in the fall do not seem to get sick as often in the winter. The symptoms only come to life during spring. Depending on the measures one takes, they could get sick up to twice during Springtime.


With the increased exposure to germs during this season, the body is often unable to fight off infections. Of course, some people have a thicker and stronger immune system than others and can easily fight off infections. However, most are unable to and need boosters. To protect yourself from the adverse effects of colds and flu, ensure that you visit your doctor and get medical assistance.