Don’t Settle for “Settling Down”: 7 Tips for Transitioning to a Nomadic Lifestyle


You might sit at your cubicle each day daydreaming about a life where you wake in a new place every month, experiencing the most the world has to offer. In our modern world, this nomadic lifestyle is closer within reach than ever before. 

That said, don’t break your lease just yet. Your success as a digital nomad will depend on how well you prepare before making the big leap. Here are seven tips for transitioning to a nomadic lifestyle to help you stay on the move and in your groove. 

Save up enough money

There’s a big difference between being broke in the city you live in and being broke in a completely new country. Save up a nice financial cushion before you head out on your journey. How much you need depends on where you go. For example, living in most Central and South American countries is usually far cheaper than in European countries.

Quit your job

You want to leave your current job as professionally as possible. Give your employer plenty of notice and try to go on friendly terms. If your nomadic lifestyle doesn’t work out, you don’t want to burn all of your bridges back into the traditional work world. 

Proactively manage the chaos

Organization is vital for a digital nomad. You don’t realize how much the logistics of life depend on living in one place until you go nomadic. For example, how are you going to handle your correspondence while you’re skipping around the country? 

The easiest way for a digital nomad to track mail is to use a virtual address like from iPostal1. A virtual address is an actual location that receives mail on your behalf. Using your phone or the internet, you can view your mail remotely and decide whether to scan, store, forward, or shred it.

End dependencies

The digital nomad lifestyle works best as a solo adventure. If you have any dependents that rely on you for care, you’ll need to make other arrangements for them while you travel. Also, while jet setting with a pet is possible, you might consider boarding or rehoming your animal depending on your expected length of travel.

Cancel subscriptions

Before you head out into the world, make sure you cancel any unneeded subscriptions. For example, you typically can’t use American streaming services out of the country because regional coding will render it useless. That said, if you have a little extra cash, a VPN can usually bypass country restrictions. 

Check your bank statements to identify any hidden subscriptions you might have forgotten. Also, keep in mind some cancellations take time to go into effect, so you’ll want to plan ahead by a few billing cycles.

Adopt a minimalist mindset

You want to travel light, which generally means limiting yourself to whatever you can carry in a backpack. Hauling heavy checked bags all over creation will get old fast, not to mention expensive.

Paying for storage may not make sense, depending on your commitment level. After all, if you’re successful as a digital nomad, you might end up storing your stuff for years or more. Instead, selling your furniture, kitchenware, and other unnecessary belongings can provide you with cash that you can use as you start your new lifestyle.

Get a clean bill of health

Your access to healthcare in different countries may be inconsistent, especially when you consider language and cultural barriers. Before you leave the US, try to take care of any health housekeeping, such as filling your medications, updating your eyeglass prescription, treating any cavities, and more.

Wrap up

When you’re a digital nomad, the world is your oyster. With a bit of planning and research, you can protect the pearl of your new life.