Extraordinary inventions that got lost with the time


There are incredible amount of inventions from the past that led to the life we have nowadays. Just imagine your life without internet or smartphone. How will the world look like if these things never existed? What if someone has destroyed all the useful inventions we have today?


On the other hand, not all the inventions survived. The people have no access to most of the inventions that got lost with the time. The following had the same destiny:

The music instruments “Stradivarius”

They got the name from their inventor, Antonio Stradivarius. At that time they used to cost a fortune. People would give their houses, cars, precious jewellery and much more in order to have such instrument. His violas, violins and guitars were the highest quality possible. The thing is that these instruments has a unique quality. The sound they produce is unlike any other instrument’s. However, nowadays it is very hard to find such instruments. The first reason is that the secret of making an original Stradivarius instrument is a family secret. It died with the inventor, Antonio. Nowadays only 600 of its instruments could be found all around the world.


Deadly beam

It was Nikola Tesla who invented the deadly beam in 1930. He called it “Tele-power”. According to the scientists, its power could easily destroy planes, machines, even a whole military unit in a radius of 320 km. However, as soon as Tesla presented his work, the other scientists tried to copy it. This led to destroyment of the already existing one, as well as all the plans for its construction. Many experts claim that he decided to destroy it because it was not a wise idea to have such a powerful machine that is able to destroy anything. On the other hand, his decision might have saved the world so far.


Cold nuclear fusion

This device produces electricity as much as a whole nuclear power plant. The advantage is that it doesn’t hit, therefore you can easily place it even in your pocket. The professor Jugin Malov claimed he has observed the principle of work of this machine in 1989. He even described the whole process in details in one of his books. However, the professor dies in 2004. This made the other experts to doubt the credibility of this machine. They even claim this cold nuclear fusion has never existed. The worst is that there is no way to learn the truth now.



The starlit is an unusual plastic material that was invented in 1983 by Moris Ward. You can easily cover any item with this material and save it that way. It seems like this plastic can resist a temperature of as much as 10.000 degrees Celsius. In 1993 a TV show has shown the power of this invention. To be more precise, this very material was placed on an egg that got hit afterwards. When they broke it, the egg remained untouched. The bad news comes with Ward’s death in 2011. He never left any information about this material. Many scientists tried to copy and produce something similar to the starlit, however in vain. There is still no information nor proof what was it made of.