A Family Affair: 3 Sofas for Watching, Lounging and Napping


Are you sitting on your couch right now? How many days and nights have you spent seated on said couch? Has it been years since you made an update to your sitting arrangement?

The function of a sofa is to offer a comfortable sitting, lounging or napping area for its users. Does your current model allow for any of the above? Maybe you’re still using the IKEA futon you bought for your first apartment out of college. Perhaps you’re splayed out on a couch mom and dad gave you for free after they bought their own new couch.

Whatever the case may be, is the couch living up to your expectations? If you did not immediately answer yes, if you had to think about it at all, you have a problem. Elle Décor writes that the couch should be replaced every seven to 15 years. How long have you been holding onto yours?

Finding the Sofa that Fits

Your furniture is supposed to make daily living more comfortable and stylish. You might have the world’s most comfortable couch, but if it’s stained with the fabric coming apart and has an arm rest obviously loose, the comfortability of the sofa won’t matter; all you’ll be able to focus on is the hideousness of it.  

You can have a sofa that is functional AND well-designed. Modernly designed sofas, though a little more expensive, have melded form and function to create cozy, comfy pieces of sculptural perfection for the home. Modern sofas sold by the likes of Y Design, Herman Miller and others have made it possible for homeowners to bring comfortable, beautiful pieces into their lives.

Here are three sofas that take napping, lounging and Netflix binging to the next level.

Baseline Sofa—Eilersen

If you have a young family at home and worry that modern furniture pieces with hard lines and sharp corners are still too much for your little ones to handle, then look no further than the Baseline Sofa. This down-cushioned sectional sofa covered with polyurethane and filled with duck feathers is perfect for family movie night and snuggling during an afternoon nap. With removable pillow covers for easy cleaning, you won’t have to worry about juice spills; you’ll be able to get it right out!

Atwood Bi-Sectional—Gus Modern

The quintessential modern sectional sofa, the Atwood Bi-Sectional designed by Gus Modern combines formality, femininity and classic style. For the family whose children have grown up and aren’t worried about sticky hands or muddy shoes, the Atwood Bi-Sectional isn’t like an ordinary stationary sofa; its design allows the user to choose which side of the sofa the chaise can be positioned. Not only that, but the chaise can be completely separated from the sectional design, giving you the option to have two sofas instead of a sectional. You can lounge and hunker down in the Atwood or use the it for a formal living room—it’s completely up to you!

And one more thing: you’ll be able to revamp your living space as often as you would like with this monumentally sophisticated sofa.

Bolster Three-Seat Sofa—Herman Miller

For all of the good sectional sofas bring, they don’t work in every room. Interior designer Tobi Fairley notes that sofas work better in an open floor plan specifically because they do not take up as much floor space. The Bolster Three-Seat sofa is minimal in design and exceptional in comfort. Equipped with a single armrest, you can lie your head on the armrest and have your feet unencumbered out the end of the sofa.

Easily dressed up or down with throw pillows, the Bolster Three-Seat sofa is chic and homey, all at once!

Ready to get a new sofa? Now you have options to work with!