Great Marriage Counselling Options in Calgary


A good marriage is worth working to save. If you and your partner have run into a rough patch, it might be time to turn to a marriage counsellor to prevent a potentially messy divorce. Ken Fierheller is a certified psychotherapist who provides marriage counselling in Calgary. Before you close the door on your marriage, first think about whether consider marriage counselling Calgary might be all you need to save your happiness.

When Do You Need Counselling?

Many couples hesitate to seek out marriage counsellors because of the stigma they associate with it. This is a mistake, because many a marriage can be save by the intervention of a skilled couples counsellor. In general, if you feel like your relationship is in trouble and normal communication doesn’t seem to be helping, it is likely time to speak to a third party. This gives you a chance to speak openly and honestly with your partner in an environment where you don’t have to worry about judgement. Of course, the important thing in choosing your counsellor is trust. If you can’t speak openly and honestly within the sanctity of your counsellor’s office, you won’t be able to reap the benefits.

What to Look for in a Counsellor

Many properties make Ken Fierheller, Calgary couples counsellor, successful in his field. If you choose to seek out a counsellor in a different area, you should try to find somebody with similar qualifications. This includes looking for a certified psychotherapist, preferably somebody with specialized training in couples counselling or marriage counselling. You and your partner both need to make sure that you are comfortable with the individual you choose. Overall, you should always strive for neutrality – the counsellor should not take one person’s side over the other, or else the counselling sessions can feel more like a tag team. Of course, residents in the Calgary area already have all of these qualities in Calgary couples counsellor Ken Fierheller.

Does Counselling Really Work?

One of the other reasons that people often approach counselling with skepticism is because they don’t think it really works. While the skill of your couples counsellor in Calgary does play a factor in this matter, the item of the biggest importance is your own willingness to approach the process with an open mind. Do your research when selecting a skilled counsellor. Once there, give the benefit of the doubt, even if you feel a little skeptical. You will be very surprised at how far counselling can bring you. As long as you are open and honest, and as long as you devote yourself to communicating as seriously as possible, your marriage will likely benefit.

Don’t let poor communication or an unwillingness to try new things ruin what could be a successful marriage. Whether your rely on the skills of Ken Fierheller or another counsellor in the Calgary area, take the plunge and seek out professional assistance when your relationship needs it the most. Odds are good that you will be thankful for taking the chance years into the future.