How To Look Better In Photos

Do you want to know how to look better in photos? You are about to reveal the secret tricks that bloggers usually use. When you read them, you will start noticing each one in their photos. These tricks are easy to implement, so you can do it by yourself. You will see a huge difference in the photos that you will take after considering them. So, let’s get straight to them!

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Proper outfit

Know your body type and wear an outfit that looks good on you. Choosing flattering clothes might not be easy. However, try to accentuate your best features and hide the flaws. We all have flaws and that is okay, but it is all about making them less noticeable. A nice dress is a good start.



Makeup for photos is a whole different thing. Make sure that the tone of the foundation is the perfect match for your skin. Too light tones won’t look good on a photo. Use concealer for additional coverage on the spots that need it. If you have oily skin, use a fixing powder. Greasy skin will reflect the light and came out too shiny on photos. Don’t forget to apply mascara. This will lift up your eyes and make them look visually bigger.



Flip your hear, so that you will have extra volume. Otherwise, your hair will look too flat on the photos. Tame the frizz using an old toothbrush and hairspray. However, make sure that you don’t use too many products. This can end up in a wet and greasy look.


Best poses

Posing for pictures isn’t that easy. And you have probably found yourself having no idea on how to stand, or what to do with your hands. I will give you some tips on how to avoid this inconvenience:

  • Don’t put your hands next to your body. It will look like you are very uncomfortable in this pose. Instead, try to occupy your hands with something. You can put a hand on the hip, on your bag, or touch your glasses. You can also touch your hair, or hold a cup of coffee.
  • Turn your shoulders if you want to look thinner. This angle looks more flattering than facing the camera.
  • Consider a natural smile. Don’t force one, do it naturally. Also, make sure that you don’t do a too wide smile. Place the tongue behind your teeth.
  • Practise your smile. See if it looks better with or without teeth.
  • Avoid dark lipsticks. It will make your lips appear smaller. Instead, opt for a bright lipstick that will make your smile pop.





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