How to Use Urban Photography


Urban photography can mean a number of different things, and it usually relates to street photography or inner-city landscapes. These themes can be incredibly popular for various purposes, with striking buildings and streets. From huge cities like London and Manchester to smaller towns, any urban area can be a goldmine for fascinating photography shots.  

Urban photography can also include the people of the area too, which can bring some culture and intrigue to the image, and can even start to tell a story to whoever sees it. So, how can you use urban photography and what purpose could it bring?

Where to find urban photography

If you’re looking for urban photography to use for a particular purpose, one of the first places you should look is a community photo sharing website. These online communities are bursting with talented photographers who have already captured amazing urban photography for you to use. 

Not only will you find the perfect image for your needs, but you’ll also be helping out an emerging photographer who is hoping to make some money from their talent. Many community photo sharing sites will pay the photographer when their image is viewed or downloaded.

Urban photography for the hospitality industry

In particular, urban style photography can do wonders for the hospitality industry, including bars and restaurants that are located in a town or city centre. Urban photography can provide great artwork for the walls, creating a cool theme to the establishment while also showing off the restaurant’s heritage.

Urban photography can give a bar or restaurant the chance to show their appreciation for their location, showing off fascinating viewpoints of the city or what the town used to look like a decade ago.

Urban photography for the music industry

The urban music industry is always looking for the right kind of photography. There are a wide range of uses for this kind of imagery, starting with traditional album covers that still need to be made even in the digital age. These images can also be used across social media, promoting the release of new music to the thousands or even millions of followers online.

Urban photography can take place in a wealth of locations, including the likes of nightclubs and recording studios, which can be used by music producers and studio owners to promote themselves and give an idea of what they’re all about.

Storytelling photography

Urban photography can tell some of the most fascinating stories with just one image. From New York City to Mumbai, photos of the streets and the people who live there can begin to tell a story about an experience, and inspire the viewer. This kind of photography can be used for all sorts, particularly journalistic or news content where an emotion or a story can be seen clearly in the photo to emphasise the message.

Whatever you use urban photography for, you can guarantee it will have a brilliant impact on the viewer.