How to Winterize Your Hot Tub or Spa & Keep It in Optimal Condition!


During the winter season, expect people to go on a vacation, to visit a relative, to spend time with family, and so on. We can all agree it is quite lovely to soak in some hot water as you watch the snow falling. 

However, it is still given that a person such as yourself, has something else to do on this holiday. Most likely, if you are going away for a while, let’s say 3 months, you’ll have to prepare for winterization. Especially if you own a hot tub or run a spa. 

Since it is that season, it’s important to take precautions and prepare our stuff for what’s coming. Most of us would not agree more if that kind of “stuff” is a hot tub. Check out this link There are proper steps when it comes to protecting it from the cold. Not to mention that maintenance is cheaper compared to repairs.

What Is Winterization?

This simply means to prepare a certain thing for winter. It helps prevent damages and other effects caused by the cold. A hot tub is prone to some issues during the winter season, especially the pump and filter housing, along with the manifold that distributes the water. These can cost a hefty amount of money when damaged, so it is better to prevent it from happening. Additionally, the steps for winterization might be a breeze for you and it will protect your spa in the end.

If you are not feeling confident in doing it yourself, you can always call someone to help you out. 

However, the next time around, it will be so much easier for you if you already know what to do. Remember, you can always do a bit of research on how to winterize your hot tub online. You will find dozens of articles and blog posts on how to take care of it well. Speaking of caring for it, here are the benefits of winterization and some things you should not be doing to your hot tub. 

The Advantages 

  • Save Money

One of the biggest benefits you could probably get out of taking care of your hot tub is saving money for future purposes. Like I have mentioned before, repairs can cost a lot compared to maintenance. Moreover, it can be a big problem if it does not fit your current budget. 

  • Save Time and Reduce Stress

Take a time off from stress by ensuring your hot tub will still be in optimal condition after the cold season has passed. You can also save time since you will not have to be there for repairs and other stuff. Most customers don’t feel so happy about taking a dip and then face the cold breeze outside. In the end, you should winterize your hot tubs since they are not in use and might freeze up. It will also ensure its functionality in the future. 

  • Prevent Serious Damages

Hot tubs can freeze up during winter. This can affect the functionality of it, hence, a costly repair. It is not a very good idea to just let it sit there even when it’s not in use. Try to think about the outcome if you continue to avoid proper maintenance. Like I had mentioned before, it is advisable to winterize it when you are also going away for at least 3 months. 

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Stop Ignoring Maintenance

I believe I have mentioned this about a hundred times already but ignoring basic maintenance will cause you a lot of trouble. With continuous maintenance, your spa will remain safe and sanitary for all users (read more). You will have the confidence to say that it functions well and is safe to use. The basic ingredient is to always test and treat the water, rinse the filters, wipe the waterline, and clean the cover. 

  • Always Test the Water 

All spa owners can agree that it is important to test the water. You must not ignore the required water chemistry since it may lead to several issues. Balanced water ensures the safety of users and the functionality of equipment. Just a little tip, do not use the hot tub if the water is green, has a weird odor, and overflowing with foam. You can also bring some samples to your local pool store for water testing and complete analysis.