Why Should You Invest in a Sofa Bed?


Having you been looking for a versatile piece of furniture to grace your living room? Do you have plans of purchasing a new settee for the living room? Have you ever considered a sofa bed? In the recent past, sofa beds have found their way back to most living rooms. Perhaps this is because of the countless benefits they boast compared to the conventional ones.

Sofa beds are tailored for comfort and ease of use. Transforming your sofa to a bed shouldn’t be frustrating or challenging. Moreover, it doesn’t need a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Here are the top 6 reasons why you need to invest in a sofa bed:

#1: Superior to Most Sleeping Methods

In terms of considering alternatives, a comfortable sofa bed is often the first choice. Additionally, they’re also the most feasible option for accommodating guests. Compared to an inflatable mattress, it takes less time to set up. What is more is the fact that these beds are more comfortable to sleep on compared to a futon.

When you have a great night’s sleep, you stand to enjoy plenty of wellbeing and health benefits. You can extend all these benefits to your treasured guests by offering them a luxurious place to rest on. That way, they’ll wake up feeling refreshed and happy.  

#2: Wide Array of Styles

One of the benefits of a sofa bed is the fact that you don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality. Rather, these types of furniture allow you to enjoy both of the worlds. For instance, fabric sofa beds tend to feel right in homes with a country rustic interior. In such homes, their dual purpose usually adds some charm, which your guests will definitely notice.

On the other hand, leather sofa beds are ideal for sophisticated and ultra-modern interior design aesthetics. As an additional bonus, if you have pets, children or you’re susceptible to ineptness, cleaning away spillages on your leather sofa is not only easy but also quick.

#3: Dual Functionality – Saves Space

Sofa beds normally serve two purposes. They’re not only practical places to sleep but also stylish places to sit. Consequently, having these seats in your living room or any other room in your house allows you to maximize on the space available. By fulfilling several needs, a sofa bed remains a highly practical choice.

That means that you never have to be worried about having a sofa and a bed overtaking your room hence failing to leave space for other furniture and belongings. Apartments and flats are the ideal places to utilize versatile sofa bed. In such places, space tends to be a scarce luxury.

#4: Effortless Set up

A good number of sofa bed designs bring with them extremely fast set up mechanisms. Therefore, all you have to do is to get rid of your beautiful scatter cushions and then pull out the bed with its in-built mattress.

So what does that mean? It simply means that you don’t have to set up your room for the guests straight away. You can always relax in the knowledge that setting everything up will be easy. In fact, it’ll only take just a few minutes to create a comfortable bed for the evening/night.

#5: Storage Options


The beauty of a corner sofa bed is the fact that the chaise end normally conceals a substantial storage space, which allows one to pack away pillows and duvet with utmost ease. That means that you don’t have to be worried about finding an extra storage solution.

#6: Financial Benefits

Financially, there’s not much to select between a standalone seat and a sofa. You need to compare the costs of a sofa bed with that of a standalone sofa. In the end, you’ll notice that the sofa bed represents greater value for money compared to the latter.

Despite the huge financial savings, there’s no compromise in terms of comfort.

Most sofa beds are tailored with webbing at the foot and wooden slats. They also feature a 5-inch fully sprung mattress to support a good night’s sleep. It’s very much possible to upgrade to a memory foam mattress for an extra charge thus making your sofa bed to be more comfortable compared to the bed you sleep on.

In Summary …

Ever had to sleep your guests on the floor? Have you had to vacate your bed for guests to enjoy a good night’s rest? If yes, then the best solution is to purchase a sofa bed. Equally comfortable and extremely convenient, these beds are without a doubt one of the best ways to save space. Therefore, if you lack the luxury of a spacious or spare room, it’s prudent to turn your living room or lounge into your new ‘guest wing’ within seconds.

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