Key Benefits Of Running Your Own Photography Business


Photography is a great profession for those creative types who also enjoy being their own boss and have a mind for business. Not only do you get to showcase your artistic flair, but you run your own business, on your own terms; either from the comfort of your own home or at an office somewhere.

If you’re a photographer for a company that is not yours, the below benefits of starting your own photography business are only a few of many.

Call the Shots

You’re in charge when you’re the boss. You get to decide what equipment you buy and where your business is located. There isn’t anyone you have to answer to, so it’s nice having the freedom to answer your own questions. Although there are days when you wish you had someone to consult with, you can call your network of photographers to talk through an issue. This is a big change for someone who’s used to answering to a boss, so it takes patience and persistence. There may also be an adjustment period.


Set the Prices

Another benefit of being the lead photography of your own company is that you get to set the prices. You determine how much to charge each client and what packages you’ll offer. This gives you the flexibility to increase prices when you feel necessary and provide special discounts to family and friends. This is a way for you to determine how much profit you’re looking to make compared to all of your expenses. It’s nice to have control over your budget and how much money you’ll be bringing in, depending on the type of shoots.

Determine the Schedule

The best part about having your own photography business is being able to set your schedule. This means you don’t have to work when you don’t want to, and have the ability to move clients around should you come across a conflict. However, you need to remain professional and stick to any deadlines or meetings you have set up; regardless of how you’re feeling.

Of course, if it does not conflict with any clients, you can schedule your vacations on whichever dates best suit you. This means you no longer have to miss important family events.

Creative Marketing

Another benefit to running your own photography business is that there’s no red tape when it comes to your marketing plans. You have the freedom to come up with any name you choose and there are specific tools to build your photography website the way you want it, without someone telling you it has to be different. You also have the ability to market on social media and draw in the clients you want based on the content you prefer.


Use funny memes to draw in the target audience you desire, and incorporate humor as a way to catch their attention. As a photographer you’re already creative, so it’s natural you’d want to bring that side out in your marketing strategy. Big name brands such as Gucci have undergone a meme ad campaign, and it successfully improved their profit.

Photography is a tough business. It becomes even more challenging when you become your own boss. However, there are many benefits which far outweigh the cons.