Long Distance Move: How to Plan and Proceed


The thought of moving to another city or country itself is tiring. Long distance moving needs lot of planning and includes many processes. Following tips from the best cross country moving companies can help you in a successful long distance move and will help you remember all that is important.

Plan in Advance

Long distance move is a major life event and the best way to make it a success and to be sure that it goes smoothly is to make sure you plan ahead. Contact moving companies in your area as soon as you get to know the move or at least 3 months prior to your actual move. In summers, movers reach their capacity and by planning ahead you won’t have to worry about finding a mover at the last minute.  Planning ahead will make sure that you aren’t forgetting anything important before your move.

Prefer in Home Estimates

Do not get lured by low quotations offered moving companies. Call in a move representative from the all moving companies that you have contacted to your home to do a visual survey of all the items you are moving along. This kind of survey allows them to give you an accurate price for your move. It also helps you get a feel for the moving company you are considering. If a company you are speaking with does not show interest in an in-home survey, be wary because most probably you are dealing with a move broker and not an actual moving company. Brokers just take business from you and contract your move out to a physical mover in your area, who usually will charge much less than what you will be paying. This will cause an extra amount to pay as you have an extra middle man to deal with and such dealers are not likely to work with the highest quality mover. Online search is the best way to look for physical moving companies.

Check and Research about the Reputation of Moving Companies

It is very much advisable to do some research about your mover before hiring them. It will make sure that they are a high quality company and you will be saved from a moving fraud.It is also highly recommended to move with a large established van line if it is a long distance move. Moreover, these van lines have significantly higher hauling capacities than a normal mover would, and mostly they are likely to be able to get a well-trained and well equipped moving crew to your house on the move day.

Downsize Your Moving Items

The total cost of your move will be based on the weight of the items you ship so the more you ship, the more you will end up paying. It is usually advisable to take the time to go through your belongings to decide what you still use and what you can simply get rid of. You can consider holding a garage sale before your move or donating unwanted items to the Salvation Army. Also prepare a list of item that you will no longer need at your new home. You can even consider replacing some of your furniture or other stuff. So many electronic chain stores offer trade-in programs, you can simply trade-in your old electronics and get delivered the new one’s at your new address. Plan in advance about the placement of bigger items like furniture and electronics so that you are aware of the need prior.

Labelling of Boxes

If you are packing your belongings yourself, then do not forget to label the boxes as it will ease you unpack and sort the stuff later on. Write the list of items packed inside on the outside of each box. Don’t forget to mark what room the items should be place into in the new home.

Know Your Rights as a Client of a Moving Company

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates all long distance moves. Their Rights and Responsibilities booklet describes exactly what the moving company’s responsibilities are and what your responsibilities are. Read this booklet and also search online to know your rights and don’t get befooled by moving companies.

Tax Deductions

Moving expenses are tax deductible if your are moving due to work.

Update your Documents

Don’t forget to update your documents including driving license and bank address. Change of address is one of the most important task to cover while moving to a new place or city.

Moving Insurance-A Must Buy

Though moving companies offer a limited insurance policy, but you should consider buying an extra policy if you have many expensive and valuable things.  

Hope now that you know how to plan and proceed with your long distance move. Just hire the best cross country movers and get set go!