The advantages of the positive affirmations


We should be taught since the early stages of our lives that whatever thought is running through our minds is an affirmation. The affirmation is nothing but a simple thought repeated often enough until it became our belief. Through this unbreakable process of thinking we create the world and reality around us.

The ones who have never heard about this might find this fact unbelievable. But believe it or not, you do practice affirmation even if you are not aware of it.

Regardless if we are filled with love, hate, stress, envy, mercy or whatever else, we never stop the circle of the affirmation in our heads. Looking from another perspective we can provide another definition for the affirmations: our intention that turns into words and thoughts followed by feelings as well. The affirmations have a strong effect on our surrounding and experiences we have, but especially on us.


It is fair to mention that, we, as human beings have thousands and thousands of thoughts that run through our heads all day long. Sometimes they become so loud that we become unable to control and calm them down. But the ugly truth is that we feed more often the negative rather than the positive thoughts. Later they show up into our realities just because focusing on them way too long. What is required from us in order to see positive outcome is to keep omitting the bad thoughts and replace it with good ones. Only that way we can turn a new page and see positive changes that happen thanks to us.

The first step towards the changes is to be more kind to everyone, but especially to yourself. We have to remember that the having positive thoughts is the beginning of every change. This change has to happen firstly inside us. Whenever you pronounce the sentence “I am…” we change the world inside and outside us. This is one of the strongest and most powerful combination of words that exists in the Universe.

This is how you change the vibration and the energy you spread around, the one that comes from within you. What is of crucial importance here is that the thoughts, the words and the emotions ought to be on the same wavelength, otherwise the effort is useless.

If you, however, have doubts how powerful your words are, give yourself some time in order to test this. Try to practice only positive thinking and positive affirmations during this time. Observe how you feel firstly. Remember that the emotion is the first manifestation. Later check your surrounding and see what has happened. See whether you like the changes or not and whether they are in your favor. Once you feel and see how powerful you actually are, you will easily convince yourself that whatever is going on in your head can show up in front of your eyes.

You are not only a body of meat and blood. You, along with your vibration that depends on your thoughts, can be do and become whatever you choose for yourself.